Mexico Must Take Action To Protect Its Democracy

07/21/2016 The Huffington Post 

pena nieto wefIn the shadow of the U.S. presidential elections, Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto returns to the White House this Friday to talk trade, immigration, and security with President Obama. The two met in Canada less than a month ago, but there is indeed much unfinished business.

First, Mexico must act now to implement promised labor law reforms that would strengthen the labor justice system and end the practice of employer-controlled “protection contracts.”

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Trump supporters say terrorist attacks strengthen case for Mexico wall

06/18/16 The Guardian 

Donald_Trump)Donald Trump’s case for building a wall along the Mexican border has been strengthened by recent terrorist attacks in America, France and elsewhere, many of his supporters believe.

Republican convention delegates in Cleveland interviewed by the Guardian mostly backed the plan – a core rallying cry of the Trump campaign expected to be adopted as part of the official GOP platform on Monday – as a means of stopping illegal immigrants, though they were vague on details when asked how long the wall would take to build or what it would look like.

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Upcoming Event | Taking Stock of Mexico’s Transformation to an Adversarial System of Justice: Accomplishments, Future Challenges, and Lessons Learned since 2008

justice - gavel and bookWHEN: Monday, July 25, 10:00am-1:00pm

WHERE: 6th Floor Auditorium, Wilson Center

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Mexico recently completed an eight year process that has transformed the federal and state justice systems from an inquisitorial to an adversarial one. This process began in 2008 with the adoption of constitutional and criminal procedural reform and was completed in June 2016. Please join the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute for our conference “Taking Stock of Mexico’s Transformation to an Adversarial System of Justice: Accomplishments, Future Challenges, and Lessons Learned since 2008.

Featuring a Keynote Address by:
The Honorable Arely Gómez Gónzalez
Mexico’s Attorney General

Welcoming Remarks
Duncan Wood
Director, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center

Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne
Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
Public Policy Fellow, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center

Followed by an Expert Panel on Mexico’s Transition to an Adversarial Justice System
Layda Negrete
Coordinator, Quality of Justice Project, México Evalúa

Maria Novoa
Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo, A.C. (CIDAC)

Miguel Sarre, LLM
Professor, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)

David Shirk
Professor, Director, Mexico in Justice Project, University of San Diego
Global Fellow, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center

Eric L. Olson
Special Advisor for Security Policy, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center
Associate Director, Latin American Program, Wilson Center

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Republican Party platform draft explicitly calls for Trump’s Mexican ‘border wall’

07/13/2016 New York Daily News

Donald_Trump)The Republican Party, as a whole, now wants Donald Trump’s Mexican border wall.

The draft of the GOP party platform explicitly calls for building the wall — after the man who is now the presumptive presidential nominee spent more than a year obsessing over it.

The staunchly conservative draft, finished Tuesday, proposes a “border wall” that would cover “the entirety of the Southern Border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.”

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Mexico Wins: Anti-Corruption Reform Approved

7/12/2016 The Expert Take, By Viridiana Rios

expert I (2)Mexico just approved an anti-corruption reform that required changing 14 constitutional articles, drafting 2 new general laws, and reforming five more. This is not minor. The reform is, by far, the most encompassing system to identify and sanction corruption that the country has ever had and its effects will be felt quite soon.

In this text, I present the story of how Mexico got here and provide an assessment of the virtues and challenges of this change.

The Government tries to fight corruption

The need to create an entity to fight corruption was among Mexico’s policy priorities, at least rhetorically, since well before the arrival of Enrique Peña Nieto to the presidency.  However, the first of the 266 commitments that Peña Nieto had made during his campaign was to create a “National Anti-Corruption Commission” (NAC).

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Attacked by Trump, Mexicans look to Jewish groups for help

Politico 07/02/16

Donald_Trump)Donald Trump and his racially charged rhetoric may be divisive on many levels. But the Republican presidential candidate has been a catalyst for uniting two seemingly disparate groups: Mexicans and Jews.

U.S. residents of Mexican descent, feeling besieged by Trump’s attacks on their culture and ancestral homeland, are ramping up ties to American Jewish networks and emulating Jewish models of political activism, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. And many Jewish activists are eager to help.

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Trump’s plane joke: It’s Mexico ‘getting ready to attack’

06/30/2016 Politico

Donald_Trump)Standing before a crowd outside the shuttered Osram Sylvania light-bulb factory in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday, Donald Trump offered up the closed plant as a direct symptom of trade deals advocated by both Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.

He also joked that a plane flying overhead could be from Mexico and poised for attack.

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