Mexico President Says Working With U.S., Canada on Immigration Plan

12/3/2018 – New York Times

Photo: El Economista/Notimex

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Monday said he was working with the United States and Canada to create a three-way investment plan to tackle the issue of immigration from Mexico and Central America.

Lopez Obrador, speaking in his first news conference since taking office on Saturday, also said that investments in an airport project for the capital, which he has said he will cancel, will be guaranteed. A trust on Monday said it would buy back up to $1.8 billion of debt issued to fund the project.

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Mexico’s new ‘common man’ president hits the ground running

12/3/2018 – Washington Post

(Marco Ugarte/Associated Press)

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s newly inaugurated president hit the ground running Monday with his pledge to govern as a common man and end decades of secrecy, heavy security and luxury enjoyed by past presidents.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sported slightly ruffled hair at his first early morning news conference as president, which started at 7 a.m. local time Monday.

“Isn’t that a change, that I am here, informing you?” Lopez Obrador asked reporters. While past presidents have very seldom held news conferences, Lopez Obrador promised to do so on a near-daily basis, much as he did when he was mayor of Mexico City from 2000-2005.

Lopez Obrador took his first airplane flight as president Sunday, boarding a commercial flight with the rest of the passengers. He has promised to sell the presidential jet as an austerity measure.

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Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Promises Radical Change in First Speech

12/2/2018 – New York Times

Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY — Veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was sworn in as Mexican president on Saturday, promising a radical change of course in a country struggling with gang violence, chronic poverty and corruption on the doorstep of the United States.

The first leftist to take office in Mexico in a generation moved to reassure business after markets crashed last month on worries about his policies. He promised investments would be safe and that he would respect central bank independence.

Following are some reactions to his inaugural speech:


“There were no great surprises in the speech. It reiterates criticism of the neo-liberal model with the example of the energy reform, and puts forward increasing the number of refineries. Lots of problems were raised but not much time was left to get into solutions.”

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Mexico’s First Leftist President in Over 70 Years Is Sworn Into Office

12/01/2018 – Time Magazine


(MEXICO CITY) — Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took the oath of office Saturday as Mexico’s first leftist president in over 70 years, marking a turning point in one of the world’s most radical experiments in opening markets and privatization.

Lopez Obrador pledged “a peaceful and orderly transition, but one that is deep and radical.”


Mexico long had a closed, state-dominated economy, but since entering the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs in 1986, it has signed more free trade agreements than almost any other country, and privatized almost every corner of the economy except oil and electricity.

Now, though, Lopez Obrador talks a talk not heard in Mexico since the 1960s: He wants to build more state-owned oil refineries and encourages Mexicans to “not to buy abroad, but to produce in Mexico what we consume.”


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Next Mexico government says train project, oil refinery backed by vote

11/26/2018 – Reuters

24-11-18-VOTO-AMLO-CONSULTA.02-1024x576By Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – The incoming Mexican government said on Monday that a weekend public consultation vote had approved 10 major policy proposals ranging from a new rail line connecting states in eastern Mexico and a new oil refinery in the Gulf of Mexico.

Public referendums could be a mainstay of President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador administration’s six-year term after he takes office on Dec. 1 as he seeks a more participative democracy.

His incoming administration’s first consultation last month called for canceling the construction of a partially built $13 billion airport for Mexico City, a referendum Lopez Obrador had vowed to hold during the campaign.

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Mexican lawmakers, mining sector to discuss controversial bill

11/26/2018 – Reuters

sky clouds building industry
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MEXICO CITY, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Mexican lawmakers will meet with mining sector leaders this week before seeking Congress’s approval of a bill that analysts have said could hinder mining operations and that was partly responsible for a massive selloff in mining shares last week.

A lawmaker from leftist President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party presented the bill in the Senate on Tuesday that would change mining regulations and require the consent of indigenous communities before granting mining concessions on their land.

The bill is one of a handful up for consideration that would regulate the mining sector. It also could lead to the cancellation of mining concessions if firms do not present an annual report on the social impact of their projects.

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Mexico to Hold Another Referendum, This Time on New Train

11/13/2018 – The New York Times

tmayaBy the Associated Press

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president-elect said Monday he will hold another public referendum later this month on his proposal for a railway to connect the main tourist attractions across the Yucatan peninsula.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said during a trip to the Yucatan state capital of Merida that the public can vote on the train and nine other proposed projects and programs Nov. 24 and 25.

A referendum last month cancelled Mexico City’s new $13 billion airport that was already one-third completed.

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