Declining Ratings for Mexico’s Peña Nieto

8/27/2015 Pew Research Center 

Dario Lopez-Mills - AP (2)
Dario Lopez-Mills/AP

Three years after being elected president, Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto is increasingly unpopular. Following a year plagued by scandal and controversy, his ratings have fallen, and Mexicans have grown disappointed with key elements of his ambitious agenda.

A new Pew Research Center survey of Mexico finds 44% of the public expressing a favorable view of Peña Nieto, down from 51% in 2014.

Moreover, his ratings on specific issues have dropped sharply. Last year, 55% approved of how Peña Nieto was handling education. Education reform is a cornerstone of his presidency that has met with intense opposition from the country’s powerful teachers unions. However, this year just 43% give him a favorable review on this issue.

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First, Trump booted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of his news conference. Then things got interesting.

8/25/15 The Washington Post

Via Flickr user "Gage Skidmore"
Via Flickr user “Gage Skidmore”

Two minutes into Donald Trump’s news conference here Tuesday night came the question he tried to silence.

“Mr. Trump, I have a question,” said Jorge Ramos, the top news anchor at Univision and one of the country’s most recognizable Mexican-Americans, as he stood up in the front row of journalists.

“Excuse me,” the Republican presidential front-runner told Ramos. “Sit down. You weren’t called. Sit down.”

Ramos, holding a piece of paper, calmly tried to ask Trump about his plan to combat illegal immigration. “I’m a reporter, an immigrant, a senior citizen,” he said. “I have the right to ask a question.”

Trump interrupted him. “Go back to Univision,” he said. Then the billionaire businessman motioned to one of his bodyguards, who walked across the room and physically removed Ramos from the room.

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Mexico condemns attack on immigrant attributed to Trump rhetoric

8/21/15 Washington Times

mexican-flag1Mexico waded into the American political debate over immigration Friday with a plea to tone down the rhetoric after an older Mexican man was beaten in Boston earlier this week and one of the suspects made comments praising GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call to get tough on illegal immigrants.

The country’s embassy in Washington issued a statement blasting attacks “motivated by racism, national origin or the migratory status of any individual,” and said it will track the case to make sure the perpetrators are punished.

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Mexico Takes On Militant Teachers in Oaxaca

8/20/15 The Wall Street Journaloaxaca

Mexico’s government is gaining the upper hand against a militant teacher’s group in the southern state of Oaxaca, an opponent that has long proved just as hard to corral as billionaire scofflaws and powerful drug cartels.

In recent weeks, the federal and state governments, seeking to implement a signal overhaul of education, fired and replaced some 300 members of a powerful group of dissident teachers from their management positions at Oaxaca’s education agency. The group, the National Coordinator of Educational Workers or CNTE, has for decades controlled hiring in public education there and in some of Mexico’s other poorest states, including through practices like selling teacher posts and engaging in violent and disruptive protests.

On Wednesday, pressure against the group mounted when Mexico’s attorney general office confirmed that two judges have ordered the arrest of 15 CNTE teachers in Oaxaca on charges of trying to disrupt June midterm parliamentary elections. Lawyers for the teachers say they will file for an injunction.

What Would Happen if America Actually Adopted Donald Trump’s Insane Immigration Plan?

8/19/15 Vice News

Via Flickr user "Gage Skidmore"
Via Flickr user “Gage Skidmore”

In the two months that Donald Trump has been running for president, the billionaire real-estate mogul has had quite a lot to say on the subject of immigration. But while he’s caused cranial explosions across The Americas with his insistence that the Mexican government is “sending” its drug-dealers and rapists across the US border, Trump has said little about what he would actually do to deal with the issue.

That is, until now. Earlier this week, Trump unveiled his plans for policy reform, laying out his ideas to curb both legal and illegal immigration into the US. Posted on his campaign website under the title “Immigration Policy That Will Make America Great Again,” the proposal promises a rough existence for undocumented immigrants under President Trump.

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After Brutal Murder Of Photojournalist, Mexico City No Longer A Safe Haven For Reporters

8/18/2015 Forbes

journalismMexico City, the nation’s capital, was long considered a safe haven for journalists compared with the rest of Mexico. However, it is no longer safe. This became clear after Mexican photojournalist Rubén Espinosa, who fled the coastal state of Veracruz after receiving threats, was murdered in Mexico City  on July 31.

Veracruz is a particularly dangerous state. At least 11 journalists have been killed and three have disappeared there in the past four years since ruling PRI party’s Javier Duarte became the governor of Veracruz, which tops the list of Mexican states with most reporters murdered.

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500 writers sign letter to Mexico’s president over journalists’ murders

8/18/2015 The Guardian

journalismMore than 500 writers, journalists and artists from around the world have signed a letter to Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, calling on him to stop the violence against journalists in his country.

The signatories from more than 40 countries include Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Gael García Bernal, Noam Chomsky, John Coetzee, Guillermo del Toro, Paul Auster, Alan Rusbridger, Gavin MacFadyen, Arianna Huffington, Christiane Amanpour and Jo Glanville, the director of English PEN.

The letter, posted on the website of the US chapter of PEN International and backed by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), expresses indignation about the deadly attacks on Mexican reporters.

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