Headlines from Mexico

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1.This Thursday, the Attorney General of Mexico, Arely Gómez González, has officially announced that she has obtained the apprehension order against former Governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte for illicit enrichment and money laundering. The legal ground to apprehend is unclear givne the legal protections governors in Mexico have. After his resignation last week, Duarte has not been publicly seen and is believed to have left the country. The office of the Attorney General in Mexico has notified INTERPOL which makes Duarte a fugitive in 190 countries.

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2.The Secretary of National Defense, Division General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda responded to a question that the Armed Forces in Mexico are suffering from burnout from the massive amounts of tasks that they have needed to handle in the last years including organized crime and other national security tasks that have extended throughout the entire Mexican territory. The Secretary affirmed that there needs to be a stronger legal framework and increase in the number of troops to be able to strengthen the Armed Forces. Cienfuegos also said that despite the challenges, the 230,000-strong force, has a strong moral and sense of duty. The Secretary was attending the  inauguration of the National Defense and Humanitarian International Law at Universidad Anahuac on Wednesday.

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3. The Mexican congress has approved 2017  Revenue Act. In the law, congress approved a 42 cent increase in the exchange rate with the dollar (leaving it at 18.62), increased the expectations of oil production from 1.928 billion barrels a day to 1.947, and adjusted the expectations of tax revenue. This has led to an artificial increase of the 2017 government budget of 51.3 billion extra pesos. Experts said that these artificial changes were made without any technical advise and that they will present weak results if any at all.

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4. The Federal Commission of Economic Competition (COFECE) has opened an investigation on a potential pharmaceutical  monopoly . The commission is going to investigate all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry including production, distribution, and commercialization. This is the first time that an entire economic sector is investigated in Mexico. The COFECE has already identified that in the past 5-6 years drug prices have increased by 10%, an inflation above the aggregate economy average.

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Headlines from Mexico

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1.The request for leave of absence of Veracruz governor, Javier Duarte, 48 days before his official end of term, this past Wednesday October 14, caused mixed reactions from Mexico’s political leaders and public opinion. Javier Duarte, accused of alleged funds mismanagement and  unjust enrichment, said on his announcement Wednesday that his state needs a full-time governor and that he now needs to focus on defending his case against the allegations presented. His party, the PRI, applauded Duarte while officials and congressmen from opposing parties, PAN and PRD,  voiced their concerns emphasizing that the full force of the law should still be applied and that his leave of absence should give not way to impunity on his case. More generally, the main headlines point to public’s exhaustion on this case, claim that the resignation comes too late, and highlight that Veracruz still has a long way ahead of recovery and stability for the state.

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2. The proposal the private sector presented by the Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE), to form an alliance against insecurity, fails in the Senate as congressmen from PRI, PRD, PVEM, and PT argue that there is already a cohesive system for cooperation in security and that participation of the private sector is already taken into consideration in this framework. Senators from PAN party supported the initiative but other party congressmen were wary of potential electoral interests involved in the support. The private sector argued that crime is especially prevalent against businesses across the country and a renewed effort needs to emphasize policy against this type of crimes.

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3. On its last meeting, the Bank of Mexico shifted its focus on the concerns for the Mexican economy and the peso stability from external factors to internal factors pointing especially at the weak performance of the fiscal accounts, continued increase in the deficit of the current account, and the lack of transparency in Pemex’s planification. The Bank of Mexico is now identifying these developments as some of the principal causes for lack of investment in the country  while still aware of the external factors. This is an important shift from the previous focus which had mainly pointed at the U.S. elections and the fluctuations in oil prices.

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4. Secretary of Interior Miguel Osorio Chong announced on Friday that running for Presidential office in 2018 “is not in his agenda”. The Secretary claimed that his main responsibility is to his country in the current position he holds. Osorio Chong had been under scrutiny because of videos he published in social media that appeared to be a pre-launch to a Presidential candidacy.

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Headlines from Mexico

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1.This Thursday the Bank of Mexico, led by Agustín Carstens, raised the interest rate to 4.75%, a half percentage point rise, to contain inflation and strengthen the peso. Friday morning; however, the peso appeared largely unresponsive to the policy and its volatility is expected to rise. This is the third interest rate hike of the year by Bank of Mexico and it comes after a week of high peso volatility in response to the U.S. Presidential debate and the movement in oil prices after OPEC’s oil supply announcement.

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2.Mexico’s Deputy Attorney General’s Office for Federal Crimes Investigation has issued an apprehension order for Guillermo Padrés former governor of Sonora for corruption charges including over 300 suspicious activities of misallocation of funds, money laundering and unjust enrichment. Padrés had met earlier this week with the National Action Party Anticorruption Commission as part of the corruption charges investigation.

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3. This Monday, in the development of the corruption accusations against the governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte,  the PRI suspended the governor’s party rights and that of six other government officials from Veracruz. Duarte has been blamed for the bankruptcy of his state, and is charged with unjust enrichment and fund mismanagement. This is the first time that the party rights of an incumbent governor have been revoked and is the beginning of a process that could lead to the definite removal of Duarte from the PRI party.

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4. In the new Global  Competitiveness Report, published by the World Economic Forum this  Wednesday, Mexico is now ranked on the 51st position  of the Competitiveness Index, six positions ahead of last year’s ranking. Mexico is now Latin America’s third most competitive economy after Chile and Panamá; the ranking is the most competitive position Mexico has been at in a decade. The improvement has been attributed to higher efficiency in the goods market, increased flexibility in the labor market, and the steady development of the financial market.

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Headlines from Mexico

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1. A combination of international (U.S. elections and oil prices mainly) and domestic issues have pushed the Mexican peso this week to its weakest ever level against the U.S. dollar. The currency is down nearly 13% this year against the dollar, making it one of the world’s worst performers. It has fallen 33% in the past two years.

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2. Accusations of corruption that have marked Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte and his administration are becoming more numerous, as are the investigations against him and alleged collaborators.

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3. During President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration, 14 priests have been murdered and one was recently kidnapped, allegedly by organized criminal groups. Since 1990 to date, there have been 45 homicides, making of Mexico -quoting different organizations- a dangerous country to be a priest.

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4. Mexico’s Environment Secretary, Rafael Pacchiano, delivered the country’s ratification of the Paris Agreement to the United Nations. To date, 60 countries  -who account for 47.76% of emissions worldwide- have ratified the treaty to combat global climate change with domestic action.

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Headlines from Mexico

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  1. Tomás Zerón de Lucio, Chief Director of Mexico’s Criminal Investigation Agency (Agencia de Investigación Criminal, AIC) within the Attorney General’s Office, resigned late Wednesday amid an internal affairs inquiry into his office’s handling of the investigation of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. A brief government statement said the attorney general, Arely Gómez, had accepted the resignation of Zerón de Lucio from his post as head of criminal investigations, and “wished him success in his personal and professional projects. President Enrique Peña Nieto named Zerón as his technical secretary of Mexico’s National Security Council (Consejo de Seguridad Nacional). Read more: Milenio, Aristegui Noticias, Reforma, El Universal, Animal Político.
  2. On September 15th, thousands of people, many of them young professionals and students left the emblematic Angel of Independence toward the Zócalo, in the heart of the Mexican capital, to demand the resignation of President Enrique Peña Nieto under the slogan #RenunciaYa. The mobilization was led by the parents of the 43 students missing from Guerrero, who chanted “Neither forgiveness nor oblivion, punishment for the murderers!”. Read more: El País, Reforma, Milenio, BBC Mundo, Animal Político.
  3. Parents of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero ceased dialogue with the Attorney General’s Office (PGR). The attorney of the parents, Vidulfo Rosales, stated that this decision was taken as a response to the lack of results of the investigation against Tomas Zerón de Lucio. Read more: Animal Político, El Financiero, Milenio, El Universal, La Jornada.
  4. The Mexican peso continues to plunge against the US dollar. By Thursday, one dollar was worth 19.65 pesos, one of its highest levels in the last few days. The peso has depreciated over the last few days amid falling oil prices, and uncertainties on the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. Read more: El Financiero, El Universal, El Economista, Aristegui Noticias

Headlines from Mexico

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1. Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray resigned following the visit of Republican candidate for the US presidency Donald Trump last week. Videgaray, one of Peña Nieto’s closest allies will be replaced by the current Minister of Social Development, Jose Antonio Meade announced the president of Mexico at a news conference.

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2. José Antonio Meade, Minister of Finance, presented to the House of Representatives a two-year-old austerity drive in his 2017 budget, pledging spending cuts that add up to almost 240bn pesos. About 100bn pesos of the cuts will come from Pemex, with more than 100bn pesos by the federal government in the areas of education, transportation and health.

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3. Although schools in Oaxaca remain closed due to the strike led by the Sección 22 of the teacher’s union (CNTE), the Government affirms the education reform in this state is progressing. According to the government in Oaxaca, they have met the deadlines of the teacher’s evaluations as established by the National Institute of Educational Evaluation.

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4. Hillary Clinton stated this past Monday that she is not planning to visit Mexico before the November election. “We are permanently and productively in touch with @HillaryClinton’s campaign,” Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu tweeted in Spanish. “We understand and respect her decision to propose the time to have a meeting.”

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Headlines from Mexico

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  1. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrived in Mexico this past Wednesday, making a surpirse visit to meet President Enrique Pena Nieto. After a closed-door meeting, Pena Nieto and Trump gave a joint statement. Protestors gathered in Mexico City, while other Mexicans expressed their anger over the visit on social media.

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2.  Mexico mourned the death of singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel “el divo de                               Juarez”, whose music tapped a deeply sentimental vein in Mexican culture. Juan                     Gabriel died on Sunday at his home in Santa Monica, California at the age of 66.

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3. This past Monday, President Enrique Pena Nieto fired Enrique Galindo who was                        the commissioner of Mexico’s federal police force. The government argued that                      Galindo was dismissed in response to a report that evidenced that the police had                    killed 22 suspects in a raid last year. Osorio Chong stated that Galindo’s                                      departure is vital for a transparent investigation of the events of Tanhuato.

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