Confusion, fear spread on Mexico border with new US policy

7/17/19 – AP News

By María Verza


Asylum-seekers gathered in Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Texas, grappled to understand what a new U.S. policy that all but eliminates refugee claims by Central Americans and many others meant for their bids to find a better life in America amid a chaos of rumors, confusion and fear.

The policy went into effect Tuesday and represents the most forceful attempt to date by President Donald Trump to slash the number of people seeking asylum in the United States. It denies asylum to anyone who shows up on the U.S. border after traveling through another country, something Central American migrants have to do.

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Unauthorized immigrants face public backlash in Mexico, survey finds

7/17/19 – Washington Post

By Kevin Sieff and Scott Clement


Mexicans are deeply frustrated with immigrants after a year of heightened migration from Central America through the country, according to a survey conducted by The Washington Post and Mexico’s Reforma newspaper.

More than 6 in 10 Mexicans say migrants are a burden on their country because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Mexicans. A 55 percent majority supports deporting migrants who travel through Mexico to reach the United States.

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El Chapo’s Prosecution Has Fueled the Drug War in Mexico

7/17/19 – The New York Times

By Azam Ahmed


In the bloody churn of the global drug trade, there are no fixed, permanent characters. Cartel leaders are seldom more than temporary players, rising and falling with unfailing predictability as a new cast rushes in to replace them.

So it goes even with Joaquin Guzman Loera, the infamous drug lord known as El Chapo, who was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday in New York for smuggling tons of drugs into the United States and leaving a trail of death in his wake.

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Mexico’s López Obrador says no open investigations against former presidents

7/19/19 – Reuters

By Lizbeth Diaz


Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday that there were no open cases against former presidents of the nation.

“We have no cases, no evidence, nothing on the former presidents,” Lopez Obrador said, when asked by a reporter if there were any open investigations against former presidents.

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The Latest: Mexico ‘does not agree’ with new US asylum rule

7/15/19 – AP News


Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard says his country “does not agree with any measure that limits access to asylum. That was a reference to measures announced Monday by the U.S. government to end asylum protections for most migrants who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ebrard said at a news conference that a “safe third country” agreement with the United States “is not going to happen,” though he later appeared to hedge on that, saying only it would need prior congressional approval.

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Facing New Asylum Curb, Nerves for Those Waiting at U.S.-Mexico Border

7/16/19 – The New York Times

By Julia Love


Number 12,026 – better known as Marcial Artigas, 33, from Holguin, Cuba – waited nervously at a migration office at the U.S.-Mexico border as a Mexican official called out numbers from a long list of hopefuls waiting to cross to the United States.

Artigas said he was praying his number would be called next, before a new U.S. policy announced on Monday enters into force that bars almost all immigrants from applying for asylum at the country’s southern border.

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New U.S. asylum policy does not make Mexico ‘safe third country’: minister

7/15/19 – Reuters

By Rebekah F. Ward

Photo by

Mexico Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Monday that a new U.S. measure to sharply limit asylum claims did not in effect make Mexico a “safe third country,” adding that the Mexican Congress would have to approve any such classification first.

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