Mexico, too, awaits Nov. 8 election

10/24/16 The Seattle Times

There couldn’t have been a more pivotal moment in the U.S.-Mexican relationship for the Philadelphia Museum of Art to open a landmark exhibit of Mexican art.

Of course, the timing of this stunning show is coincidental, coming in the midst of a presidential campaign in which Donald Trump has labeled illegal Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists. He has also repeatedly denounced the NAFTA accord with Mexico.

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Mexico drug lord Joaquin Guzman ‘fears for his sanity’

10/25/16 BBC News

el chapo
Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán

Jailed Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman “fears he could lose his mind” before the end of the year, his partner Emma Coronel says.

He is watched constantly by three masked guards, even when he uses the toilet, his partner says.

Ms Coronel complained to the National Human Rights Commission about Guzman’s living conditions.

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Mexico City’s Church of Reconciliation home for LGBT

10/23/16 Al Jazeera

gay pride flagMexico City, Mexico – The altar has fresh candles, the flowers are immaculately presented, the organ is placed discreetly to one side, while a lectern stands to the other. The reverend is putting on his raiment in the sacristy while a packed congregation waits in their Sunday best for the service to start.

It could be just about any church around the world. But at a closer look, visitors can see the Jesus icon above the altar with a large rainbow haloed around him.

Rainbows are a big deal in the church. They are in the wall hangings, painted above a dove, draped around the ceiling. When Reverend Alejandro Gonzalez emerges, his robe is also embroidered with one.

Marijuana legalization may have an unexpected result: Drug smuggling into Mexico

10/24/16 Business Insider

Border fenceNext month, Californians will vote on a raft of propositions, including one that would legalize recreational production and consumption of marijuana.

Proposition 64 would allow Californians over 21 to have up to an ounce of cannabis and permit people to grow up to six plants. It would put a 15% tax on retail sales and ban large-scale production for five years to stave off the arrival of large corporate growing operations.

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Donald Trump’s Visit to Mexico Could Have Gone Better, President Peña Nieto Says

10/24/16 TIME

pena nieto wef“Could we have done things better? Maybe yes, admittedly”

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto stands by his decision to host Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for a meeting a couple months ago, but admitted Sunday the visit could have been better executed.

“Could we have done things better? Maybe yes, admittedly. I think that this genuine interest to bring about a meeting to take care of Mexico’s interests, I think, could have been done in a better way,” Peña Nieto said in an interview.

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Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall falling flat in Arizona

10/23/16 The Indian Express

trumpDonald Trump rode to the top of the Republican ticket promising a “big, beautiful, powerful” border wall with Mexico to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants. Along that border, however, Americans are more likely to call the wall a “waste of money”, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll. The results show that while the New York businessman may have expected his tough stance on immigration to fire up support nationally, it seems to be falling short in a state heavily affected by illegal immigration, and where he is now facing a surprising challenge from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

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Guerrero, MExico

“In Mexico’s murder capital, signs of gold rush are emerging”

10/23/2016 Chicago Tribune 

In Mexico’s Guerrero state, a lot is hidden in the dirt, secrets both gruesome and wonderful.

The unmarked graves that dot the rolling hillsides give Guerrero its moniker as Mexico’s murder capital. But there’s gold here, too — lots of gold.

Toronto-based Torex Gold Resources opened its first mine earlier this year, representing a rare victory in Mexico’s efforts to fuel economic growth in a state ravaged by drug gangs fighting over the opium crops that feed U.S. heroin habits. Two other Canadian miners, Timmins Gold and Minaurum Gold, have plans to explore and develop their own sites. In a region with very little going for it, local officials and workers hope the trio of investments could be the start of something bigger.

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