Mexico, Japan to Accelerate Effort to Salvage TPP Without U.S.: Mexico Economy Minister

10/17/2017 New York Times

sea tradeWASHINGTON — Mexico and Japan have committed to accelerating a possible Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) between 11 signatory countries, but without the United States, Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said on Tuesday.

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NAFTA Negotiators Trade Barbs, Indicate Wide Differences

10/17/2017 New York Times

Flag_of_the_North_American_Free_Trade_Agreement_(standard_version).svgWASHINGTON — The top U.S. and Canadian and trade officials on Tuesday accused each other of sabotaging efforts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, even as they and Mexico agreed to extend talks into the first quarter of 2018.

A seven-day round of talks in suburban Washington ended in acrimony over aggressive U.S. demands on autos, a five-year sunset clause on the pact itself and Canada’s dairy regulations, among other key issues. Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, accused Washington of pursuing a “winner take all” approach.

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Efforts To Rewrite NAFTA Not Going Well; Next Round of Talks Delayed

10/17/2017 NPR

NAFTA_logoWhen negotiators for the United States, Canada and Mexico wrapped up the latest round of trade talks in Washington on Tuesday, they sounded frustrated — and far apart.

From cars to cows, they have big disagreements over how the North American Free Trade Agreement should work. In fact, the disputes appear so big, they may be threatening the future of NAFTA.

So officials have agreed to delay their next meeting — pushing off its start in Mexico City until Nov. 17; they originally had planned to meet later this month.

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Mexican peso pops on news Nafta talks to extend to 2018

10/17/2017 Financial Times

pesomexicanoThe Mexican peso added to its gains while the Canadian dollar traded flat against the buck after US, Mexican and Canadian officials said there were “significant conceptual gaps” in discussions to update Nafta, stretching negotiations into 2018.

The peso strengthened as much as 1.5 per cent against the buck to MXN18.74, while the loonie also clawed back ground to trade flat on the day.

Juan Francisco Caudillo at Monex noted the peso had shed 9 per cent in the past three weeks and the Canadian dollar had also been under pressure, but the dollar’s upward trend “remains intact” despite today’s breathers for both currencies.

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NAFTA talks hit impasse as U.S. slams trading partners

10/17/2017 Politico

Capture Flags

President Donald Trump’s promise to renegotiate NAFTA suffered a major setback Tuesday as Canada and Mexico aligned to block some of the most controversial U.S. proposals and the top U.S. trade negotiator accused its partner nations of being obstructionist and unwilling to negotiate.

If all parties become entrenched in their positions, Trump has vowed to withdraw from the 23-year-old agreement altogether. That would usher in the new isolationist era that he has long threatened, potentially endangering tens of thousands of American jobs that depend on cross-border agreements for everything from manufacturing automobiles to the export of beef.

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As Trump’s border plans take shape, critics call for virtual wall

10/17/2017 Dallas News

border usa mexicoLAREDO — Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar works in the shadow of the roaring Rio Grande.

He stands on the banks, looking out at a park where residents play baseball and basketball or picnic with friends and family. With Nuevo Laredo sitting just across the river, Cuellar has a message for President Donald Trump about one of his campaign promises:

“With all due respect, President Trump, but your wall ain’t gonna work here,” said Cuellar,  who has  worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety tracking down drug smugglers for more than two decades. He’s been sheriff for the past nine years.

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Another round of NAFTA talks closes with little sign of agreement

10/17/2017 Reuters 

Flag_of_the_North_American_Free_Trade_Agreement_(standard_version).svgWASHINGTON (Reuters) – Trade ministers from the United States, Canada and Mexico on Tuesday wrapped up a contentious round of NAFTA negotiations dominated by aggressive U.S. demands, including a sunset clause on the pact that Canadian and Mexican officials say will be rejected.

The three sides agreed to carry on with talks and said they would negotiate into the first quarter of 2018, beyond the end-year framework initially envisaged to complete the negotiations to modernize the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement.

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