Criminals in Mexico exploit desperation for oxygen canisters


Source: Yahoo! News

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico continued to post near-record rates of coronavirus deaths Tuesday, and the huge demand for oxygen canisters has led to frauds, robberies and other crimes against families trying to care for relatives at home.

Mexico posted a near-record 1,743 newly confirmed COVID-deaths, bringing the total to over 152,000, and 7,165 new infections.


19 burned bodies found at Mexico border may include Guatemalan migrants


Source: The Independent

The bodies of 19 people shot and burned in a Mexican town close to the US border might include migrants heading to the US from Guatemala.

They were found by the authorities on Monday on a dirt road close to the town of Camargo, which is across the US border from Rio Grande, Texas.


Mexico’s pandemic policy: No police. No curfews. No fines. No regrets.


Source: The Washington Post

MEXICO CITY — As the coronavirus swept the globe early last year, Mexican officials made an unusual decision: They would not impose “coercive” measures to force citizens to obey pandemic restrictions.

No curfews. No arrests. No fines.


Mexico City Says Hospitals Have Beds, But Paramedics Can’t Find Them


Source: Bloomberg

For three days last week, Mexico saw national deaths surge by more than 1,500 with the total past 150,000, making it the world’s fourth-highest mortality toll. Covid seems everywhere. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the country’s richest person, Carlos Slim, both announced they have mild cases.

The worst is in the capital region, with its 21 million residents and excess fatalities which reports show to be higher than any major city in the world.

Guatemalan Maya families fear relatives among Mexican massacre victims


Source: Reuters

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – Guatemalan Maya families said on Monday they feared relatives were among bodies found over the weekend in a remote part of northern Mexico along a route popular with migrant smugglers heading towards the U.S. border.

After receiving a tip off in the border state of Tamaulipas in northern Mexico, Mexican authorities recovered 19 bodies, many of which had gunshot wounds and were badly charred. So far, the dead have not been identified.


Mexico and Caribbean beach resorts offer Covid tests for new U.S. travel requirements


Source: CNBC

Margarita? Beach lounger? Nasal swab?

Beach resorts and small hotels alike throughout Mexico and the Caribbean are racing to ensure guests have access to Covid tests as new travel requirements take effect.

Starting Tuesday, the U.S. government will require travelers over age 2, including U.S. citizens, to show proof of a recent, negative Covid-19 test result before boarding flights to the United States.


Three of Mexico’s most powerful men have COVID-19


Source: Los Angeles Times

There was little doubt that Mexico was in the grips of a crisis.
It was evident in the lines of people stretching city blocks to refill oxygen tanks. In the wail of ambulance sirens. In the plumes of smoke puffing from crematoriums late into the night.

But in recent days, the creeping sense that the coronavirus is everywhere has been magnified by news that three of the nation’s most powerful men are now sick with COVID-19.


19 burned bodies found near Mexico-U.S. border


Source: CBS News

Mexican authorities say they have found 19 shot and burned bodies near a town across the Rio Grande from Texas in an area that has seen violent territorial disputes between organized crime groups in recent years. The Tamaulipas state prosecutor’s office said late Saturday that the bodies were discovered along a dirt road outside Camargo after residents reported a burning vehicle.

Authorities found two vehicles on fire, one containing four bodies and the other 15. Some rifles were also found.


Mexican leader says Biden offers $4B for Central America


Source: The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s first calls to foreign leaders went to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a strained moment for the U.S. relationship with its North American neighbors.

Mexico’s president said Saturday that Biden told him the U.S. would send $4 billion to help development in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala — nations whose hardships have spawned tides of migration through Mexico toward the United States.


As Mexico enters the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, its vaccination plan takes a hit


Source: Yahoo! News

Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico is entering its darkest phase yet.

More people are infected than at any point before, including the nation’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Hospitals in many states are near capacity, ventilators and oxygen tanks are in scarce supply and every day seems to bring a new record death toll.