Mexican President urges UN to reform Security Council, step up action against world drug problem

UN News Centre 9/28/2015 


Addressing the United Nations General Assembly today, Enrique Peña Nieto spotlighted key issues facing the world body and urged the international community to promote sustainable development and combat climate change and also encouraged the reform and modernization of the UN Security Council.

Underscoring that the veto power belonging to the Council’s five permanent members must not be used for national ends, he supported France’s initiative to restrict the veto in cases of serious violations of international law and war crimes.

President Peña Nieto went on to recall the long history of collaboration between his country and the United Nations and noted, for example, its decision to participate in peacekeeping operations and Mexico’s efforts to bolster humanitarian assistance.

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Rise in Violent Crime Shakes Mexico City

The Wall Street Journal  9/27/2015


MEXICO CITY—Mexico’s roaring capital city, among the most populous in the Western Hemisphere, has long been considered a haven from the violent drug gangs that run unchecked across many parts of the country. But a sharp rise this year in violent crime here has many worried that the city’s favored status is in jeopardy.

The Federal District, home to some nine million of the 20 million inhabitants in the Mexico City metropolitan area, saw homicides rise 21% to 566 in the first eight months of this year, according to Interior Ministry data released last week, putting the capital’s murder rate at its highest level over the same period since 1998.

“It has been a slow process, but it appears that criminal activity around Mexico City is finally moving into the capital. This is a very worrying trend,” said Juan Salgado, a security expert at CIDE University and a member of nonprofit government-accountability group Causa en Común.

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U.S. Says Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Guzmán’s Prison Escape Could Trigger More Border Violence

9/16/2015 Forbes 

19437624579_88eab701c8_bTestifying before Congress  last week, Robert Harris, the man in charge of border security at the Department of Homeland Security, warned that the recent escape of Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, “could potentially instigate further border violence similar to incidents following his first prison escape in 2001.”

On July 11, Guzmán, one of the world’s most famous and powerful drug criminals, fled an alleged maximum-security prison near Mexico City through a tunnel built under his cell. Four middle to low-level officials have been arrested in connection to his escape.

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Mexican FM urges ‘exhaustive’ probe into Egypt tourist deaths

9/16/2015  Al Arabiya News

mexican-flag1Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu called Wednesday for an “exhaustive” investigation into the accidental killing of eight Mexican tourists in Egypt by security forces, after visiting survivors in hospital.
“The message that I bring from Mexico is that our country is very concerned that this is an unprecedented incident… We expect an exhaustive and complete and comprehensive and transparent investigation,” she told reporters.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry pledged a quick and transparent investigation into the incident.

Reading out a joint statement at a press conference with his visiting Mexican counterpart, Shoukry said Egypt had committed “to carry out a prompt, thorough and transparent investigation” into the deaths.

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Second Ayotzinapa Kidnapping Victim Identified Through DNA Tests

9/17/2015 International Business Times


Mexico’s attorney general said Wednesday that forensic experts had identified a possible match for a second victim in the abduction and purported killing of 43 students last year.

There were “signs that establish a possible connection” between the remains found in plastic bags in a river and missing student Jhosivani Guerrero de la Cruz, one of the 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College in the city of Iguala, Attorney General Arely Gomez told reporters, according to Reuters.

The remains were identified by Austrian forensic experts from Innsbruck Medical University, who have already identified one missing student based on a bone fragment.

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Mexico Denounces Deadly Attack on Tourists by Egyptian Forces

9/16/2015 New York Times

CAIRO — Mexico’s foreign minister expressed indignation on Wednesday after she visited Mexican tourists in a Cairo hospital, where they were recovering from injuries sustained in a mistaken strike by Egyptian security forces that killed a dozen people, including eight Mexicans, on Sunday.

The minister, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, arrived in Egypt early Wednesday with relatives of the wounded and killed tourists, seeking answers about the attack, in which a helicopter gunship fired on a tour group that had stopped for a picnic in the Western Desert.

The deaths opened a rift between the countries and raised concerns about the rules governing the use of lethal force by Egypt’s security forces.

“In Mexico, we are very concerned about what happened,” Ms. Ruiz Massieu told reporters at Dar al-Fouad Hospital, on the western outskirts of Cairo. “We are very indignant about the incident that injured six Mexican nationals, and in which eight Mexicans lost their lives.

9/16/2015  The Huffington Post 

15424774877_785a4e19a8_nFour men named by Mexican authorities as drug cartel members who allegedly killed 43 missing students are actually impoverished construction workers who confessed only after being tortured, according to a report published Sunday in Mexican magazine El Proceso.

The investigative report by journalists Anabel Hernández and Steve Fisher casts further doubt on the Enrique Peña Nieto administration’s already widely discredited investigation into what happened to the missing students. On Sept. 6, a panel of experts fielded by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights announced that the Mexican government’s version of events has no basis in forensic science.

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