Affiliated blogs:

The Mexico Institute’s Election Guide
A comprehensive guide to the best resources on the 2012 Mexican elections by the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center

Seguridad Ciudadana en las Américas
A Spanish language blog on citizen security from the Latin American Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center

The Brazil Portal
News and updates from the Brazil Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center

Other resources:

Immigration Impact
Blog project of the Immigration Policy Center (IPC)

Mexico Today
Mexico news from political and foreign affairs commentator Ana Maria Salazar

Mexico Reporter
Mexico news aggregator from Deborah Bonnello, The Los Angeles Times

Migration Information Source
The Migration Policy Institute’s News Source

Mexico Blog
The Foreign Policy Association

Propuestas para Cambiar a México
Policy analysis and proposals from CIDAC

AFL-CIO Solidarity Center
News and Information from the Solidarity Center’s Mexico Page

US-Mexico Network@USC
A place for informed conversation about Mexico and its relationship with the United States

The Mex Files
An expatriate in Mexico’s commentary on Mexican politics, economics and other news

Mexico Under Siege
Complete coverage of Mexico’s drug war from the Los Angeles Times

Under the Volcano
Zemi Communication’s “Notes on Mexican Politics”

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