Headlines from Mexico

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1. Jesús Murillo Karim is no longer the Attorney General for Mexico. President Enrique Peña Nieto will be nominating Arely Gómez for the position.

Read More: El Universal, Reforma

2. Mexican Congress has approved an anti-corruption law with 409 votes in favor and 24 votes against.

Read More: El Universal, El Sol de Mexico

3. The leader of the Knights Templar Cartel “La Tuta” was captured in Michoacán.

Read More: Reforma, El Universal

4. Mexico condemns the death of Ruben Garcia Villalpando, whom was shot by police in the United States on February 20th.

Read More: El Universal

5. Silvano Aureoles Conejo will be running for the gubernatorial position in Michoacán.

Read More: El Universal

6. The parents of the 43 students who disappeared from Guerrero are demanding for elections to not be held this year.

Read More: El Universal

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