Alleged cartel boss found guilty of conspiracy leading to 300 deaths

07/19/16 The Guardian 

His lawyer described Marciano Millan Vasquez as nothing more than a humble goat rancher. A jury disagreed on Tuesday, concluding that he was a regional boss for the Zetas drug cartel involved in a murderous conspiracy that lead to the deaths of more than 300 people in northern Mexico.

After a brief deliberation, the jury found Millan Vasquez guilty of all 10 charges he faced.

The two-week trial took place in federal court in San Antonio, the city where Millan Vasquez was arrested last year. He now faces life in prison.

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Zeta Trial Brings More Tales of Terror and Corruption

07/15/16 InSight Crime

RubenMoreiraAs the trial of Zetas Cartel leader Marciano Millán Vázquez continued in San Antonio, Texas, witnesses took the stand to described how drug traffickers co-opted and controlled media outlets in Coahuila, allegedly bribed the state’s governor  and how Vázquez committed and ordered multiple brutal murders.

Adolfo Efrén Tavira, a former Televisa producer and trafficker for the Zetas, testified for the prosecution. According to Tavira, at Televisa he would edit drug traffickers’ names out news reports, and he would lean on and pay reporters from other media outlets in the area to do the same, Proceso reported.

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Northeast Mexico Sees Eruption of Violence

07/11/16 Insight Crime

Tamaulipas.jpgTamaulipas was the scene of two killings involving multiple victims over the weekend in a spate of violence that may have been precipitated by changing political and criminal dynamics in the northeastern Mexico state.

Early on July 9, a group of armed assailants in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas, broke into a residence and killed 11 members of a family, reported Milenio. Less than one hour later, attackers entered a different home in Ciudad Victoria, killing three and injuring four. Of the 14 fatalities, 11 were women and five were minors, according to Milenio.

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Gunmen kill 14 in gang-plagued Mexican state on U.S. border

07/09/16 Reuters

Gunmen killed 14 people in northeastern Mexico early on Saturday in two attacks likely sparked by gang wars in the state of Tamaulipas, the local government said.

State interior minister Herminio Garza Palacios said the shootings took place in Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamualipas, a state on the Gulf of Mexico that has been mired in violence between warring drug cartels for years.

In the first attack, armed men entered a house in a neighborhood near the center of Ciudad Victoria at 7 a.m. local time (1200 GMT), killing 11 members of one family.

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Mexico Gov’t Now Faces Vigilante Groups It Backed

Latitudes Press.The New York Times, 01/16/2014

Armed vigilantes who have taken control of territory in lawless Michoacan state could turn into the very sort of organized crime forces they’re fighting, a Mexican official assigned to clean up the violence-wracked state said Thursday.

Alfredo Castillo, the federal government’s new envoy to coordinate security and development in the state, said the Knights Templar cartel that so-called self-defense groups are battling formed about 10 years ago with the same mission: to fight an incursion by the Zetas cartel.

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Jose Trevino Morales Horse Auction: Seized Mexico Drug Cartel Horses Sell At US Auction For Record $1.7M

horsesThe Latin Times, 11/05/2013

Over 300 racehorses were seized by the United States government in June of 2012 during a raid on a ranch belonging to the brother of a known Mexican drug lord. Jose Trevino Morales and another 14 people were charged with money laundering and using a quarter horse operation to move their illegal funds. Jose Trevino is the brother of Miguel Angel the former leader of the Zetas Cartel in Mexico.  Angel was arrested earlier this year in Mexico. Trevino Morales was arrested in Texas and tried in an American court. He was sentenced to 20-years in prison.

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Facebook beheading video: Who was Mexico’s Jane Doe?

BBC News, 11/3/2013

crime sceneA film of a woman being beheaded in Mexico caused an international outcry in October when Facebook refused to remove it from its site. There have been hundreds of reports about the video – but why has no-one identified the victim in it?

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