Mexican girl at center of outcry over violence was sexually assaulted, murdered: autopsy

Date; May 13th, 2022

Source: Reuters

MONTERREY, Mexico, May 13 (Reuters) – Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador vowed on Friday to deliver justice for the killing of a Mexican teenage girl after an autopsy was published showing she had been violently sexually assaulted and murdered.

“I promised to help clarify what happened and ensure there’s no impunity,” Lopez Obrador told a news conference after meeting with the parents of Debanhi Escobar, whose killing last month inflamed anger over violence against women across Mexico.

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Women protest in Mexico City over killings, disappearances

Hundreds of women are protesting in Mexico City and its suburbs following the horrifying death of an 18-year-old in the northern city of Monterrey

Date: April 24th, 2022

Source: ABC

MEXICO CITY — Hundreds of women marched through downtown Mexico City and its suburbs on Sunday to protest the horrifying death of an 18-year-old in the northern city of Monterrey.

Protesters also marched in the rough suburb of Nezahualcoyotl, where two women were killed in the last week. The demonstrators, mainly women, carried signs reading “No to Harrassment” and “Mexico is a mass grave.”

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Ten women and girls killed every day in Mexico, Amnesty report says


Source: The Guardian

At least 10 women and girls are murdered every day in Mexico, according to a new report that says victims’ families are often left to carry out their own homicide investigations.

The scathing report, released on Monday by Amnesty International, documents both the scale of the violence and the disturbing lack of interest on the part of Mexican authorities to prevent or solve the murders.


In Mexico, Veracruz becomes fourth state to allow abortion


Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s southeastern state of Veracruz will become the fourth state in the predominantly Roman Catholic country to clear away criminal penalties for elective abortion after lawmakers on Tuesday voted to decriminalize the procedure.

The initiative to allow abortions by choice passed in a 25-13 vote with one abstention, Veracruz’s Congress said in a statement.


Mexico’s political parties did the minimum to meet gender parity rules. Female candidates scored big anyway.


Source: The Washington Post

On June 6, voters in Mexico elected six female governors. That’s a breakthrough: Until these results, only nine women had been governors in Mexico since women got the vote in 1953.

These new female governors are the latest evidence of Mexico’s progress toward “parity in everything,” a 2019 constitutional reform requiring gender balance for all elected and appointed posts in the legislative, executive and judicial branches at the federal, state and municipal level. Yet Mexico’s political parties remain old boys’ clubs.


Claudia Uruchurtu: MPs urge action over missing woman in Mexico


Source: BBC

A group of MPs has urged the government to help in the search for an activist missing in Mexico.

Relatives of Claudia Uruchurtu, 48, who went missing after a rally two weeks ago, say witnesses saw her being grabbed and pushed into a car.


In echo of George Floyd killing, a woman dies after police in Mexico pin her down


Source: The Washington Post

Facedown and with her hands behind her, a woman cries out. She is surrounded by four police officers. One pins her to the ground, kneeling on her back.

Moments later, she lies handcuffed and silent, barefoot and motionless, as onlookers record the incident, which unfolded Saturday in the Mexican beach resort city of Tulum.


Death of Victoria Salazar ignites more outrage in Mexico


Source: Al Jazeera

The death of Victoria Esperanza Salazar – a Salvadoran migrant who died in Mexico after a policewoman put her knee on her back for several minutes – continued to evoke outrage on Tuesday, after additional details of her life and how she died surfaced.

Dozens of women in the sprawling capital Mexico City and in Tulum, the city where Salazar lived, took to the streets in protest. Women chanted, waved signs, scrawled graffiti and held “die ins” on Monday evening, demanding justice.


Killing of Salvadoran Refugee by Police in Mexico Incites Furor


Source: The New York Times

MEXICO CITY — The death at the hands of police of a woman who was a refugee from El Salvador has drawn international condemnation and potential embarrassment for Mexico, which on Monday began hosting a United Nations summit focused on gender equality.

The woman, Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza, died on Saturday after being detained by the police in Tulum, a resort town on the Yucatán Peninsula. Videos shared on social media show an officer kneeling on the woman’s back as she cried out. Officers can later be seen dragging her limp body into the back of a police truck.


Mexican women have been physically, sexually abused for participating in protests


Source: NBC News

MEXICO CITY — It was like being in a battle. People were running everywhere while shots were heard. Naomi Quetzaly Rojas Domínguez, 22, found herself running for her life in Cancún, wondering how a demonstration for women’s rights and against femicide, or the intentional killing of women, had turned into an assault.

As the crowd around her was looking for a way out, she saw several police officers beating some teenage women. She ran toward the officers and screamed at them until they left the young women alone, who then fled in terror.