Mexico’s Future Shrouded by Ongoing Drug War: Will Nieto’s Strategy Prevail?

February 11, 2013

Enrique PeñaNieto 2The International, 2/11/2013

As drug wars continue to ravage Mexico, President Enrique Peña Nieto signed The General Victims Act on January 9, 2013 that will trace and compensate innocent victims of the “War on Drugs”. The bill was approved by Congress in April 2012 under the Calderón administration, though implementation was delayed due to objections by former president Felipe Calderón that the bill was too vague, presenting the possibility of it being unconstitutional and difficult to implement.

Calderón’s veto registered criticism from human rights activists who rallied for victim recognitions and reparations. The bill, which remains unchanged, was signed by Nieto with assurances that the contents would be specified to remove vagueness before implementation, but Nieto insisted that putting the law on the books was imperative.

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The comback of the Beltran-Leyva and Gulf Cartels (Spanish)

February 6, 2013


Animal Politico, 2/5/2013

Dos de los grandes cárteles de la droga que se creían al borde de la extinción, los Beltrán Leyva y el cártel del Golfo, han dado señales de vida en diversos territorios de México durante lo que va del presente año.

Analistas independientes y de la fuerza pública consultados por la agencia de seguridad InSight Crime destacaron que ambos cárteles – que se pensaba tambaleaban debido a luchas internas, la presión de las autoridades y ataques constantes de sus rivales – parecen estar resurgiendo.

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Vigilantes tackle Mexico’s drug gangs

January 22, 2013

BBC, m16 gun closeup1/21/2013

Authorities in Mexico have arrested 14 people accused of belonging to the Zetas drug cartel in the northern city of Monterrey.  The gang has become the largest in the country, making its money by trafficking drugs and carrying out kidnappings and assassinations.

But some Mexicans in rural areas have become frustrated by what they see as a lack of response by the authorities to the drugs violence and have formed their own vigilante groups.

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Pentagon Helps Train Mexican Military

January 18, 2013

m16 gun closeupAnimal Politio, 1/18/2013

El Pentágono aumentará la ayuda que presta a México en la sangrienta lucha contra el narcotráfico, mediante el establecimiento de un nuevo cuartel de operaciones especiales en Estados Unidos, en el cual podrán entrenarse los efectivos mexicanos para enfrentar a los cárteles de la droga de la misma forma en que las fuerzas estadounidenses combaten a Al-Qaeda, dijeron funcionarios en Washington.

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Mexico: Majority of Federal Inmates Imprisoned on Drug Charges

January 16, 2013

Fox News Latino, 1/16/2013

Guns by Flickr user barjackMexico’s first survey of its federal criminal justice system confirmed what many  have assumed for years: The country’s prisons are packed with inmates imprisoned  on drug charges and there is widespread corruption throughout the entire system.

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Thirteen killed in Mexico ‘gang shootout’

December 24, 2012

Al-Jazeera, 12/24/2012

jaliscoThirteen people have been killed and six others gravely wounded following numerous shootouts in the Mexican state of Jalisco, officials said. Bullet riddled vehicles and buildings showed the amount of firepower used by unnamed assailants who battled with
police on Sunday. Police information points to two groups who may be responsible for the violence, the Templar Gentlemen and the
New Generation Cartel of Jalisco. In total, more than 60,000 people have died in drug-related violence and more than 5,000 disappeared in Mexico since December 2006.

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Mexico’s Drug War Made Crisis Worse, Pena Nieto Administration Says

December 21, 2012

Fox News Latino, 12/19/2012

While the approach was praised by some, it’s a far cry from the 80,000-member  corps he promoted on the campaign trail, said Eric Olson, a México analyst at  the Woodrow Wilson Center.

“It reflects that reality is setting in that they don’t have people sitting  idly to join these forces,” he added.

Despite his promises of reform, some human rights experts worry that Peña  Nieto has not been transparent enough with his plans and needs to reveal more  details of his new strategy

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