Mexico’s Catholic Church halts large pilgrimage


Source: PBS

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church announced the cancellation Monday of what’s considered the world’s largest Catholic pilgrimage, for the Virgin of Guadalupe, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mexico’s Episcopal Conference said in a statement that the basilica will be closed from December 10-13. The Virgin is celebrated on Dec. 12 and for weeks in advance, pilgrims travel from across Mexico to gather by the millions in Mexico City.


How the Virgin of Guadalupe embodied Mexican identity and inspired millions, including Pope Francis

2/12/16 Los Angeles Times

Fotos Nuevas Julio 2011

Before his journey to Mexico, Pope Francis had a favor to ask.

Before his first trip as pontiff to a place with more Catholics than any other Spanish-speaking country, where he will surely be mobbed by the thousands night and day, the pope requested something likely to be in short supply — a few minutes alone.

His only company will be perhaps the most revered religious artifact in the Western Hemisphere, a piece of fabric bearing the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The request for a few minutes by himself with the image was a stunningly personal one from the pope. But he knows the Virgin well, he said, because she has seen him through difficult times.

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Spain returns 2 independence war flags to Mexico

Associated Press, 6/21/2010

Spain has returned to Mexico two 19th century flags carried by Mexican independence war heroes.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon presented the flags in a military ceremony Monday and said they were the first patriotic symbols the country had.

One of the flags has the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico’s patron saint and the symbol used by Miguel Hidalgo, a priest who launched the 1810 revolt against Spanish rule. The other shows Saint Gabriel.

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