Drug Cartel Violence Flares Again in Northern Mexico State

April 24, 2015

Reuters, 4/23/2015

gun - crime sceneDrug cartel violence in Mexico’s Tamaulipas state flared up for the second time in a week on Wednesday, with gun battles and arson attacks erupting in the street after police captured four alleged drug gang members.

The detainees, whose identity is still unknown, are from the Gulf Cartel, one of Mexico’s oldest drug trafficking groups, also known for kidnappings and immigrant trafficking.

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IACHR urges Mexico to study “coercion” of families of 43 missing students

April 21, 2015

Fox News Latino, 4/20/2015

The Associated Press October 22, 2014

The Associated Press October 22, 2014

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, or IACHR, urged the Mexican government Monday to investigate the suspected “coercion” of the families who have struggled for almost seven months to find their 43 missing children.

“The security and dignity of the families must be protected, which is why the group urges whoever has been part of this further victimization to desist and demand that the incident be investigated,” the Spanish doctor Carlos Beristain, a member of the IACHR mission that is analyzing the case, told a press conference.

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Mexico Says to Investigate Reports of Police Killings

April 21, 2015

Reuters, 4/20/2015

gun - crime sceneMexico’s government said on Monday it would investigate reports that federal police killed 16 unarmed people in two attacks in January, the latest allegations to raise the specter of abuses by Mexican security forces.

The weekend reports in three media outlets on the Jan. 6 killings in the troubled western state of Michoacan contrasted with an account by the federal government that several of the deaths could have been caused by stray bullets in a gunfight.

Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said he had asked the attorney general’s office and the internal affairs department of the federal police to probe the killings in the city of Apatzingan, a flashpoint for violence in the state.

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Media reports say Mexican police were involved in January killings

April 21, 2015

Reuters, 4/19/2015

gun - crime sceneThree media outlets said on Sunday that Mexican federal police killed 16 unarmed people in two separate attacks in January, appearing to contradict an account by the federal government that the deaths could have been caused by friendly fire.

Aristegui Noticias, Univision and Proceso published similar accounts of the deaths in Apatzingan in the restive western state of Michoacan. They were the latest reports to allege abuses by security forces in the country.

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Mexican Authorities Arrest Cartel Leaders, Sparking Border Violence

April 21, 2015

Latin American News Dispatch, 4/20/2015

gun - crime sceneMexico’s government on Sunday announced the arrest of the accused leader of the Juárez drug cartel, just days after apprehending the head of the Gulf cartel, an arrest which sparked an outburst of violence in the border city of Reynosa.

Jesús Salas Aguayo was arrested Friday in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico’s National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido told The Associated Press on Sunday. On Saturday, the same official announced the arrest of Gulf cartel leader José Tiburcio Hernández Fuentes.

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Mexico Tlatlaya Massacre: Mass Executions Were Illegal And Excessive, Rules Report From Mexican Lawmakers

April 17, 2015

International Business Times, 4/17/2015

3601496501_9bc4193670A military massacre that resulted in the deaths of 22 civilians was “illegal, excessive, and a disproportionate use of force,” members of Mexico’s Congress announced Thursday. The report by a working group of the House of Representatives also determined that the mass killings were an “extrajudicial execution” and called for military officials to withdraw from public security roles that would be better served by local law enforcement, including federal and state police, TeleSUR reported.

The so-called Tlatlaya massacre that unfolded in June 2014 is one of several scandals facing the administration of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who is battling a voter recall effort. Army leaders have claimed that the soldiers were patrolling the area on June 30, 2014, when they were attacked by local criminals, resulting in a deadly shootout. Forensics experts, however, found that the victims had been shot at close range with their own guns, suggesting a mass execution. The Mexican National Commission on Human Rights also said that the crime scene was altered by government officials participating in a cover-up.

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UN Investigator Outs Mexico’s Effort to Whitewash Torture Report

April 7, 2015

PanAm Post, 4/6/2015

United NationsUN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Méndez says he was pressured by the Mexican government to alter the results of an investigation that determined torture in the country is “widespread” and goes virtually unpunished.+

Since publishing the report, Méndez has defended his findings against the Mexican government’s claims that the study was unprofessional and unethical. In a statement to Mexican Ambassador Jorge Lomónaco on April 1, the rapporteur argued his report was both fair and objective.

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