Villagers return following vigilante violence in Mexico


Source: Associated Press

About 370 people who had fled confrontations between vigilantes and armed groups in Mexico’s southern Chiapas state returned to their village Thursday, according to a local priest.

In July, a couple of hundred armed men descended on the mountain township of Pantelho, burned vehicles and at least a dozen homes, vandalized the town hall and abducted 21 people.


Vigilantes drill in southern Mexico with rifles, machetes


Source: AP

Another shadowy group of armed residents emerged in Mexico over the weekend, when a hundred or so vigilantes armed with rifles, shotguns and machetes staged a public drill in the southern state of Chiapas.

The group in the township of Pantelho was introduced over a loudspeaker as “The Machete,” and it claims to be fighting the incursion of drug cartels in the largely Indigenous mountain communities of Chiapas. Some of the drill was conducted in a Maya-family language.


Vigilantes, mob justice grow as violence mounts in Mexico

8/9/19 – Washington Post


Vigilante attacks and mob justice are on the rise in Mexico as violence mounts and dozens of bodies have appeared along roadsides.

Authorities in the northern state of Sinaloa say five young men were murdered recently, and toy cars were placed atop their corpses. These men were apparently car thieves.

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Vigilante mob administers brutal justice after six thugs rob a bakery and attack the female shopkeeper with machetes in Mexico

4/4/2016 Daily Mail

vigilante2A vigilante mob administered brutal justice on a group of six thieves who allegedly robbed a bakery and assaulted the female owner with machetes.

The violent incident occurred in Tamulte, in the south-east Mexican state of Tabasco.

And according to sources, the enraged mob were only stopped from lynching the robbers

After hearing about the robbery and the machete attack on Virginia Salvador Valencia, the locals joined forces and apparently managed to catch four of the perpetrators.

And, although two managed to escape, they were later picked up by the authorities.

The mob then viciously beat the alleged thugs and set fire to their escape vehicle.

They also allegedly planned to set the men on fire.

However, as they were preparing to do so, the state police arrived on the scene and intervened.

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Energy Reform Necessary to Maintain Mexico’s Moment, Michoacan’s Vigilante Groups and Mark Zuckerberg “Hacks” for Immigration Reform – Weekly News Summary: November 22

coffee-by-flikr-user-samrevel1The Mexico Institute’s “Weekly News Summary,” released every Friday afternoon summarizes the week’s most prominent Mexico headlines published in the English-language press, as well as the most engaging opinion pieces by Mexican columnists.

What the English language press had to say…

This week’s press had interesting reports on the Mexican economy. The New York Times published an article describing how dozens of foreign companies are investing and filling in new industrial parks along central Mexico. As a result, middle-class housing is popping up and new universities are waving in classes of students eager to study engineering, aeronautics and biotechnology, signaling a growing confidence in Mexico’s economic future and what many see as the imported meritocracy of international business. On a similar note, the Wall Street Journal noted that even though Latin America has been a laggard among developing markets this year, some advisers are convinced the resource-rich region is poised for a turnaround. But instead of investing once again in Brazil, portfolio managers are finding smaller markets in Mexico and Chile as better bets to tap into Latin America’s long-term growth. Finally, the Economist claimed that to implement and to boost sustaining growth, a bold energy reform is needed. Without it, Mexico’s moment may prove to become fleeting one.

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Vigilante groups seize control of towns in western Mexico

hands in handcuffsThe Wall Street Journal, 11/19/2013

Rogelio Valencia peered out from a sandbag bunker outside Tepalcatepec in a fertile region of Mexico’s Michoacan state, keeping an eye cocked for marauding gangsters.

“They might come in 10 or 12 pickups. But we are prepared,” says Mr. Valencia, a civilian with a pistol tucked in his waistband and a two-way radio at hand.

Tepalcatepec is in a “liberated” region of Michoacan state, where an armed uprising of civilians has succeeded in lifting a yoke imposed by a crime group with a feudal-sounding name, the Knights Templar, which keeps a searing and heavy hand on the majority of Michoacan’s 113 municipalities.

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Mexican Farmers Form Vigilante Forces to Confront Drug Cartels

m16 gun closeupThe Wall Street Journal, 11/15/2013

Farmers in the rich agricultural heartland of Mexico’s Michoacán state, fed up with a reign of terror and extortion by a drug cartel, have organized community police forces and driven the cartel into the hills outside this town.

The emergence of these community vigilantes, which originated in neighboring Guerrero state and spread to Michoacán, has brought retaliation by the cartel that calls itself the Knights Templars, pushing the region to the brink of broader conflict.

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Mexico’s Female Vigilante Squads

The Daily Beast, 10/5/2013

protest -- stroke -- resistanceXaltianguis is in the Southern Mexican state of Guererro, a region home to illegal poppy and marijuana cultivation and plagued by violence. It is also located less than an hour away from Acapulco, one of Mexico’s most dangerous cities. Like so many towns throughout Mexico, Xaltianguis—once a quiet farming town—has been at the mercy of organized crime for years, and by 2010 it had transformed into a mecca for murder, kidnapping and extortion. Yet this past summer, a group of ordinary women banded together for an extraordinary purpose: to make the town safer than it has been in years.

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Government of Guerrero starts a community policing institutionalization and regulation process (Spanish)

Sin Embargo, Photo by Andrew Bardwell from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, WikiCommons 2/20/2013

The government of Guerrero has informed that self-defense groups have released all the detainees who allegedly committed crimes in the area. This event initiates the process of institutionalization and establishment of a regulatory framework for vigilante groups operating in Ayutla, Tecoapana, and part of the highlands.

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Vigilantes tackle Mexico’s drug gangs

BBC, m16 gun closeup1/21/2013

Authorities in Mexico have arrested 14 people accused of belonging to the Zetas drug cartel in the northern city of Monterrey.  The gang has become the largest in the country, making its money by trafficking drugs and carrying out kidnappings and assassinations.

But some Mexicans in rural areas have become frustrated by what they see as a lack of response by the authorities to the drugs violence and have formed their own vigilante groups.

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