Latest migrant caravan breaks up in Mexico after 2 days


Source: ABC News

Several thousand migrants who set off in southern Mexico with the goal of reaching the United States dissolved their march Sunday after Mexican officials handed out about 3,000 temporary residence permits.

The permits will allow the migrants, mostly Venezuelans and Central Americans, to stay on Mexican territory for up 30 days while they pursue immigration procedures, officials from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration said.


Man killed in Highland Park mass shooting was visiting family from Mexico


Source: CBS Chicago

One of those killed in Monday’s mass shooting in Highland Park was visiting his family in the area.

The family of Nicolas Toledo told CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas he was one of those shot and killed during Monday’s mass shooting at the July 4th parade in Highland Park. Toledo was from Mexico and was visiting his family for about the past month.


Crimen organizado vende en EU a migrantes en 700 dólares para esclavizarlos


Fuente: Milenio

La organización criminal se atrevió a hacerlo: vendió en 21 mil dólares a 30 de sus trabajadores, como si se tratara de ganado. Fueron comprados en efectivo por rancheros de un campo en Indianápolis, quienes desembolsaron 700 dólares por cada “esclavo”.

Una investigación realizada por MILENIO, basada en la consulta de documentos judiciales albergados en las cortes estadunidenses, revela que tan solo uno de estos grupos delictivos obtuvo ganancias por 200 millones de dólares en cuatro años.


US files 4th labor complaint on Mexican workers’ rights


Source: ABC News

The United States on Monday filed its fourth labor complaint about purported violations of union organizing rights in Mexico.

The complaint was filed under the U.S.-Mexico-Canada free trade pact, which requires that Mexico enforce a law that says employees are allowed to freely choose the union that represents them. For decades, undemocratic, pro-company unions kept wages in Mexico low by reaching behind-the-scenes deals with employers.

The complaint says the United States found “credible evidence” that workers at the Teksid Hierro automotive parts plant were being denied the right to freely choose which union will represent them.


Mexico will skip US-hosted Summit of the Americas


Source: Al Jazeera

As delegations from countries in the Western hemisphere are set to arrive in Los Angeles, California for the Summit of the Americas, Mexico’s president said Monday he would not attend the gathering at which the administration of US President Joe Biden will try to advance a vision of a “secure, middle class and democratic” region, according to the White House.

The ambitious, if broad, agenda – which is expected to include efforts to boost US leadership through economic cooperation, combating public health crises, countering climate change and stemming migration – has been overshadowed for weeks by rumblings that Washington planned to exclude Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela from the event, citing human rights concerns and lack of democratic rule.


U.S. senators seek DEA answers on Mexico operations following Reuters reports


Source: Reuters

Two senior U.S. senators have written to the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requesting information on the agency’s foreign operations, especially in Mexico, following news reports about the Mexican government slashing cooperation.

In April, Reuters reported Mexico had shuttered an elite unit that had worked for decades with the DEA, and earlier this month published another report detailing how the DEA had withdrawn its plane used for high-profile operations from Mexico after officials rescinded its parking spot.


Gun makers ask US court to dismiss Mexico’s claim for damages

Source: BBC News

Gun manufacturers have urged a US court to dismiss a Mexican lawsuit that holds them responsible for the violence inflicted by drug cartels.

Mexico is seeking billions in damages, accusing manufacturers of facilitating the illegal trafficking of weapons.

The firms, including Smith & Wesson, argue their sales are constitutionally protected in the US, calling Mexico’s lawsuit a “clash of national values”.


AMLO wants to talk about economy, migration, and coronavirus

Source: Mexico Daily Post

The leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada will discuss the economic integration of North America, immigration and the coronavirus pandemic at a summit this week, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday.

Lopez Obrador is due to hold talks with U.S. President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Washington on Thursday at the first in-person meeting of the leaders of the three nations since 2016. Only Trudeau was in office last time.


Sunset Heights, the house where Pancho Villa and Gen. Hugh Scott met in 1915

Source: Mexico Daily Post

As Beto O’Rourke gave interviews in 2019 from his Sunset Heights home announcing his run for president, there were several mentions of his home having been the meeting place for Pancho Villa and Gen. Hugh Scott.

The El Paso Times reported, “O’Rourke proudly showed his file of old newspaper photos of Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa leaving the house in 1915 after he met U.S. Army Gen. Hugh Scott to discuss stopping Mexico’s civil war along the border.”



Source: Brownfield Ag News

The USDA says pork export sales were up sharply during the week ending September 23rd.  The total of 42,500 tons was 31% higher than the previous week, with Mexico and China combining for more than 80% of the week’s pork sales. Beef exports were up modestly, with Japan, South Korea, and China leading the way. Soybean, soybean product, cotton, and rice sales all showed week to week improvements, while corn and wheat sales declined. The USDA’s next set of supply and demand estimates is out October 12th.

Physical shipments of beans, corn, sorghum, and wheat were less than what’s needed to meet projections for the current marketing year. The 2021/22 marketing year started June 1st, 2021 for wheat, August 1st, 2021 for cotton and rice, and September 1st, 2021 for beans, corn, and sorghum, and starts October 1st, 2021 for soybean products. The marketing year for beef and pork is the calendar year.