Mexico violence: ten killed in Michoacán shootout

5/23/2019 – BBC

bbcTen people have been killed and three injured in a shootout between suspected gang members near the town of Uruapán in western Mexico. Residents said the gun battle went on for an hour and police later found military-grade weapons at the site.

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Mayors’ release a setback in Mexican drug war

Associated Press, 3/4/2010

Antonio Gonzalez insists he has no idea why he was among 12 Mexican mayors arrested last year in an unprecedented roundup of elected officials accused of protecting drug traffickers.

During his eight months in jail, he says, investigators told him only that he once had lunch with a man they claimed was a cartel member.

Now, Gonzalez and six other mayors are free for lack of evidence, embarrassing the government of President Felipe Calderon, which had set out to show Mexico that no politician would be immune in his U.S.-supported war with drug gangs.

Gonzalez, who is a member of Calderon’s conservative National Action Party, was among the first 10 mayors arrested in a stunning May 2008 operation mounted across the president’s home state of Michoacan.

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Lack of Authority, Bad Image Hinder Police in Mexico

Federal_PoliceAZ, 9/16/09

URUAPAN, Mexico – One of the police station’s doors is riddled with bullet holes. Shrapnel from grenades has scarred nearby walls. Inside, a makeshift shrine to the Virgin Mary honors officers who have lost their lives fighting drug traffickers.

So far, it has been a one-sided battle. The police force in Uruapan, a city of 280,000 that sits astride a major smuggling route in the Sierra Madre, doesn’t have a single detective. Mexican law prevents local police from questioning witnesses, doing undercover work or searching homes. The department is so cash-strapped that officers must buy their own bullets, at about 75 cents a pop, for target practice.

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