NEW RESOURCE: In the Lurch between Government and Chaos: Unconsolidated Democracy in Mexico

January 9, 2013

mexican flagThe Wilson Center’s Latin American Program and Mexico Institute in coordination with the Migration Policy Institute are pleased to announce the release of a new report as part of the work of the Regional Migration Study Group:

In the Lurch between Government and Chaos: Unconsolidated Democracy in Mexico, authored by Luis Rubio.

Democratic transitions in Mexico and parts of Central America over the past two decades have tested the limits of the countries’ governing institutions.  During Mexico’s continuing transition away from one-party rule — which began even before the 2000 elections — the country has failed to overhaul the governing structures of the old regime, leaving behind weak institutions ill-equipped to handle modern challenges. Weak institutions offer a natural breeding ground for organized crime and corruption, which have become more entrenched. Organized crime has taken over key activities, noninstitutional actors such as drug cartels have become major players in society, migrants have moved in unprecedented numbers, and corruption at various levels of government and law enforcement has flourished.
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