VIDEO | What Does the World Expect of President-elect Trump: Mexico

Director Duncan Wood discusses what Mexico expects of President-elect Donald Trump.




Dealing with the Northern Neighbors [in Spanish]

Andrew Selee, El Universal, 12/02/2012

Andrew Selee
Andrew Selee

As he takes the presidency of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto faces not only a countless domestic challenges, but also a broad international agenda that requires attention and must be managed cautiously. This international agenda goes further than just dealing with the U.S., but there is no doubt that this relationship will be the most complex to manage and has implications on national reforms and initiatives.

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A New Agenda with Mexico

The Wilson Center, Policy Brief by Andrew Selee and Chris Wilson

The depth of economic ties with Mexico, together with declines in illegal immigration and organized crime violence in Mexico, open up an opportunity for U.S. policymakers to deepen the economic relationship with Mexico and to engage Mexico more on major global issues.