Videos reveal that the attack in Tres Marias was unjustified [in Spanish]

La Jornada, 9/12/12

Reconstructions indicate that Federal Police officers shot at the SUV carrying two CIA agents and a member of the Navy without any provocation, and evidence points towards a cover up in the Federal Police since all the police involved have not been brought forth even though higher-up members of the Federal Police are thought to know who the police officers are.  There is also evidence that higher-up members of the Federal Police ordered the police officers to kill the CIA agents.  Videos show that the police in civilian wear initially shot at the SUV, and that they were later backed up by police in uniform, all evidence points towards an ambush as the U.S. Embassy initially stated.  There is no evidence linking the event in Tres Marias with the kidnapping of Salvador Vidal Flores Pérez (the PR Director at INAH), even though there were initial rumors that he had been kidnapped in the same SUV that the CIA agents were driving.

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Impunity and human rights, pending Federal Police [Op-Ed, in Spanish]

Raúl Benítez Manaut, CNN Mexico, 9/3/2012

An opinion piece on the facts of the Tres Marias shooting.

The incident at Tres Marias, Morelos on August 24th, which involved an alleged attack of the Federal Police (PF) against a diplomatic vehicle with three crew-presumably two of them CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), according to U.S. sources quoted in newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, and a member of the Navy of Mexico,has left many open questions about the performance of the PF in the war on drugs and the impunity of its members, and the presence CIA of providing training to members of the Navy of Mexico.

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