US lifts ‘do not travel’ warning for Canada, Mexico, much of Europe


Source: FlightGlobal

The US State Department has lowered its risk profile for travel to Canada and Mexico, just as Canada also considers easing some of its own strict restrictions for travellers who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

On 8 June the US government lowered its travel warnings for its northerly and southerly neighbor to a “Level 3”, which urges potential travellers to “reconsider” travel to those countries. Previously Canada and Mexico had been on the “Level 4” list – with the government advising “do not travel”.


U.S. government issues security alert for Chihuahua City due to violence in Mexico


11/12/19 – El Paso Times

By Daniel Borunda

The U.S. Consulate in Juárez has issued a security alert for Chihuahua City due to a rise in violent criminal activity.

The alert issued on Friday advises U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Chihuahua City and restricts government personnel from going to the state capital  until further notice.

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Almost Half Of Mexico Considered Risky For American Travelers By The U.S. Government

08/18/14 By Dolia Estevez. Forbes

800px-mexico_location_mapsvgDespite the fact that millions of U.S. citizens safely visit Mexico each year for study, tourism, and business, Americans have been the target of violent crimes, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery by organized criminal groups in various Mexican states, the State Department said in a Travel Warning issued on August 15.

The warning states that “crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere… Gun battles have occurred in broad daylight on streets and in other public venues, such as restaurants and clubs. During some of these incidents, U.S. citizens have been trapped and temporarily prevented from leaving the area… The location and timing of future armed engagements is unpredictable.” Therefore, it recommends Americans defer non-essential travel to the areas specifically identified in the warning and exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the other areas for which advisories are in effect.

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Mexico Travel Warnings After US Citizen Killed

Policia MexicoTIME, 5/28/14

PHOENIX — An unusually bloody weekend has led to renewed warnings against unnecessary travel to the Mexican city of Nogales along the Arizona border. The U.S. Consulate General in Nogales, Mexico, on Tuesday reissued an emergency message cautioning Americans with travel plans to Nogales and surrounding areas.

Citing “multiple and ongoing credible threats,” the consulate asked citizens to put off any unnecessary travel. The first warnings came on May 25, a day before an American citizen from Tucson was found murdered in his car.

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Despite Violence In Most Of Mexico, Mexico City Remains Safe For Americans

new-york-cityForbes, 01/14/2014

In the U.S. government’s latest Travel Warning, Mexico City was excluded from a list of 17 Mexican states that, according to the State Department, are off limits for Americans due to serious threats to safety and security. Throughout the drug-war violence of the previous six year administration, Mexico City, the nation’s capital known as the Federal District (DF), has remained relatively safe –not immune, but not overtaken by violence.

The DF’s Minister of Tourism Miguel Torruco, told me that the city, a world-class metropolis known for its history, culture, cuisine and crafts, has a murder rate of 22 per 100,000 people, which is comparable to Philadelphia’s 21.5 per 100,000 and far below Detroit’s 54.58 per 100,000.

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Mexico sees increase in foreign travelers despite warnings, drug violence

Associated Press,6/4/2012

Mexican tourism officials say there has been a 5.3 percent increase in the number of international visitors to Mexico from January to April.

The rise comes after the Texas Department of Public Safety released a travel warning discouraging students in March from visiting Mexico on spring break, citing an increase in drug violence.

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A Class Trip Meant Much to Mexico

The New York Times, 3/22/12

After weighing the risks of traveling to Mexico, the parents of one American teenager decided to allow her to join a school trip to Oaxaca, where students volunteered at an orphanage, visited archaeological sites and sipped vanilla milkshakes on the honey-colored town plaza.

The fact that the parents were President Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama, and that the teenager was their daughter Malia, thrilled Mexican tourism officials, who are trying to redefine the country’s image as it has struggled with drug violence.

“It’s a compliment that the daughter of President Obama and her friends have decided to live the experience of Oaxaca,” said José Zorrilla, the state secretary for tourism and economic development, slipping into promotion mode.

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Mexico travel warning mapped

Travel Weekly, 2/15/12

The newspaper ‘Travel Weekly’, a prominent publication in the travel industry, has published a map that incorporates the most recent travel warnings issues by U.S. authorities in regards to Mexico. The travel warning against certain areas of Mexico applies to regions not usually frequented by tourists and comes in the aftermath of a record breaking year for the Mexican tourism industry.

To help our readers better understand where dangers really exist in Mexico and to demonstrate that most parts of the country — including all destinations popular with U.S. tourists — remain safe, we have created a map that presents the warning visually. Each named location contains a number key that refers to exact language about that location in the State Department’s warning.

The article can be viewed here.

The map itself can be viewed here.

Mexico’s tourism minister wants Americans back

Washington Post, 8/5/11

Not so long ago, Mexico was the go-to vacation destination for many Americans. But more recently, the country has become something of a travel pariah. Drug violence has left innocent bystanders dead in border towns such as Ciudad Juarez, and the U.S. State Department has warned against travel south of the border. Just last month, it warned of possible increased violence in the state of Chihuahua.

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