Change or continuity? (in Spanish)

Poder y Negocios, 2/10/2009

obama-calderon-iDuring the eight years of the Bush administration, cultivating personal relationships with peers, particularly with those that shared a vision of the world of good versus evil, was key to American foreign relations. Bush did not hide his preferences for Tony Blair of Great Britain, José María Aznar of Spain, Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, John Howard of Australia, Vladimir Putin of Russia, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Álvaro Uribe of Colombia, and Vicente Fox of Mexico, who he called “friends” or “good men” and invited to his ranch in Texas or Camp David.

But the rise to power of President Barack Obama, a man committed to transparency and accountability, signals the end to foreign relations based on cliques, and the beginning of a new phase in which personal relations are important, but not decisive.

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