Mexico central bank says hackers siphoned $15 million from five companies via @Reuters

05/16/2018 Reuters

technology-785742_960_720Mexico’s central bank said on Wednesday that a cyber attack had sucked around 300 million pesos ($15.33 million) in fraudulent transfers from five companies, but it was unclear how much thieves had managed to pull out in cash.

Bank of Mexico Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon said authorities were still deciphering how the cyber criminals, who were detected in late April, had tapped into banks’ connections to the payment system to send false orders.

He declined to identify the companies that had been hit, only saying that three banks, a broker and a credit union had seen fake transfers.

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Mexico data protection body to investigate possible links to Cambridge Analytica

04/09/2018 Reuters

cambridgean.jpgMexico’s data protection body said on Monday it had opened an investigation into whether companies possibly linked to political consultancy Cambridge Analytica broke the country’s data protection laws.

INAI, the transparency and data protection regulator, said it was looking at Mexican companies that worked with cellphone app, which gives users free top-ups in exchange for receiving ads and completing surveys.

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Mexican Government Raises $1.6 Billion in Shares of New Airport Trust

03/26/2018 The Wall Street Journal

airportThe Mexican government’s airport company raised around $1.6 billion to partly finance the construction of the new Mexico City airport, a megaproject that the country’s leading presidential candidate threatens to cancel if he wins the July election.

Grupo Aeroportuario de la Ciudad de Mexico, which runs Mexico City’s existing airport and holds the license to develop and operate the new airport, sold shares for 30 billion Mexican pesos in a type of trust known locally as a Fibra E. With the proceeds from the trust, $6 billion in bonds, a revolving credit line and budget funds, financing so far is approaching $10 billion.

Facebook wants to keep fake news out of Mexico presidential election

03/21/2018 Dallas News

facebookAfter coming under fire for its role in the 2016 U.S. election, Facebook Inc. is taking steps to prevent what it calls fake news during Mexico’s presidential campaign.

The social-networking giant on Tuesday placed full-page ads in prominent Mexican newspapers including El Financiero under the title “Tips to Detect Fake News.” The company’s logo appears on the top left corner.

After the election of President Donald Trump, Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg had to respond to critics who said that certain viral stories on the network — such as a false report saying that the pope had endorsed Trump — could have swayed the election. The Menlo Park, California-based company has worked with First Draft, a nonprofit journalistic coalition, to come up with tips to detect misinformation.

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Mexico auto sector down but still kicking

03/19/2018 Automotive News

automobileBy attacking the North American Free Trade Agreement, promising a U.S.-Mexico border wall and embracing protectionist policies, President Donald Trump has managed to dent Mexico’s auto industry over the last year.

But the damage is far less than what some economic analysts on both sides of the border feared, leaving Mexican trade negotiators holding a stronger hand than expected as talks to renegotiate NAFTA head into their eighth round next month.

With two months of Mexico industry numbers in for this year, the biggest casualty of the administration’s tough talk is the sharp drop in domestic Mexican auto sales.

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Mexican Candidates’ Advisers Face Off on Oil, Corruption and New Airport

03/14/2018 Bloomberg

df airport by Traveling Otter
Photo by Flickr user Traveling Otter

Advisers for Mexico’s top three presidential candidates found almost no common ground in a debate over their economic platforms in a sign of more clashes to come as the campaign heats up before July’s election.

They butted heads over front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s proposals to review Mexico’s landmark oil reform and to relocate a $13 billion new airport project. His adviser, Gerardo Esquivel, argued that the airport being built on sinking land is a waste of money, and he defended the leftist by attacking the current government’s record on corruption, arguing that it makes an audit of oil contracts necessary.

That led to heated exchanges over whose government and candidate have been more corrupt, mainly between advisers for those polling second and third as they seek the coveted runner-up spot, which would allow them to go head to head with Lopez Obrador.

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Mexico Turns To Digital Health To Improve Healthcare

03/13/2018 Forbes

latino-healthMexico is a country with a population of over one hundred and twenty million people. The challenges that this nation faces to grow and develop are enormous, especially in healthcare.  Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease loom large and represent significant public and private health concerns.

The country has one of the lower life expectancy indexes across the OECD, in part due to the limited resources available for health, which impacts all aspects of society. Yet, Mexico is moving to a modern, technologically based solution to this problem: digital health.

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