Border students are shaping the future with technology and innovation

09/06/2016 The Huffington Post

Social-media-communicationExpanding access to clean water and other natural resources. Ending gender violence. Improving physical and mental health. Increasing educational attainment for all students. These are some of the pressing challenges we face and will continue to face unless we decide to do something about it.

Here is a thought: how about we ask our young people to use the latest technology and innovation to solve these problems? After all, these are problems they will inherit should we fail to solve them now.

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Thousands flock to Mexico City streets for Pokemon Go

08/21/2016 Reuters

pokemon.jpgThousands gathered in Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park on Sunday (August 21) to play Pokemon Go and celebrate the worldwide app phenomenon.

Mexicans of all ages, some in costume, descended on the park early in the day, phones and tablets in hand, ready to capture Pokemons.

Pokemon player Julio Cesar said he wasn’t a fan at first.

“When the app came out, the truth is that I spoke very badly of it as did those who play conventional video games. But I had the chance to try it and it is very addictive and I like it a lot and I see that it can bring people together to meet each other,” he said.

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BBVA selects 56 startups to compete in Open Talent innovation contest

08/08/2016 Finextra

startupsThe finalists of the 8th edition of the BBVA Open Talent contest were announced today. They will compete in three separate finals in Mexico, London and New York in September.

Startup Musoni and its microfinance solution won the BBVA Open Talent 2016 special Financial Award. Musoni has developed a system that leverages technology to help financial institutions optimize their microfinance services, boost efficiency, improve cost-effectiveness and broaden their reach in rural areas where most of the population remains unbanked.

Mexico’s Richest Man Wants a Three-Day Workweek

08/04/2016 Bloomberg

slimThe following is a condensed and edited interview with Carlos Slim, chairman emeritus, América Móvil.

Can you tell us about your plan for shorter workweeks?
Shorter workweeks are a solution to civilization shifts. Historically, the more technology advances and the more progress there is, people work less. What’s happening now is that people live longer, in better health, and without the need for physical effort. This civilization demands more knowledge, more experience, less physical exertion. Productivity has increased exponentially—despite the denial of some economists. And we see that’s why unemployment is a big problem in a lot of countries, but more specifically Europe. It’s important that people don’t retire at 50, 60, or 65 years old. I think people should retire later, because they’ll have more knowledge and experience. And I think they should work three days a week, so that it creates space for others.

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The rise and rise of Mexican fintech

07/29/2016 Tech Crunch

fintechNothing tells the story of how the Mexican tech ecosystem is steaming ahead in Latin America quite like the rise of fintech.

The financial services space ticks all the right boxes entrepreneurs look for when launching a company: hard to solve problems, meaningful impact, transformational technologies, clear business models and a solid financing environment.

On the flip side, Mexico’s fintech industry has everything VCs daydream about: large untapped markets, highly scalable models, startups with solid traction, successful references around the world and multiple exit scenarios.

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Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim’s Foundation Launches Free Online Educational App

06/16/2016 Forbes

slimAs part of his philosophy that philanthropic foundations do not solve poverty but knowledge does, Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helú launched, a free online educational platform aimed at expanding opportunities to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, his foundation announced Wednesday.

“This is an important achievement for Mexico and can be a model for other nations,” Slim said during a press conference at his Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, according to Uno TV, Slim’s online TV news channel.


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Mexico’s new economy starts to take off

2/3/2016 USA TODAY

businessMEXICO CITY — With a master’s degree in business administration from MIT and spotless English, Hernán Fernández could have taken his skills to Silicon Valley or landed a cushy job with a Mexican bank.

Instead, he runs a small team of analysts in an office in the Polanco neighborhood of his native Mexico City, looking for Mexico’s next big tech breakout and helping forge his country’s new economy. The tech fund created by Fernández, 36, and his partners, Angel Ventures Mexico, started in 2008 with a handful of employees and personal investments from friends and family.

Today, the fund, which helps finance mostly tech companies in Mexico and the region, has grown to $20 million, with 29 employees spread through offices here and in Bogotá and Lima, Peru. The firm is currently fundraising to grow the pot to $100 million.

“The new generation of Mexicans are tech savvy, more connected with the U.S., often U.S. educated,” Fernández said. “It’s impossible not to feel the … attraction of the start-up economy that goes on in the U.S.”

Mexico is emerging as one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in Latin America, with more than $1 billion in investments last year and more than 500,000 IT professionals.

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