Mexico’s abortion ruling could make waves beyond its borders


Source: CNN

The ground literally shook on the day the Mexican Supreme Court decriminalized abortion: On September 7, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Mexican Pacific coast, rocking several states and killing one person.

It lasted about a minute. But the shockwaves sent across the region by the court’s abortion ruling will be felt for years to come.


Mexico’s Supreme Court Greenlit Abortion. Will Doctors and Nurses Listen?


Source: New York Times

As soon as the nurse found out that she had an abortion at home, Fernanda García knew she was in danger. The nurse began yelling that she was a criminal, that what she had done was wrong, that she would be sent to jail.

“She told me that they were going to report me, that I was going to face charges,” said Ms. García, who went to the hospital last month after experiencing pain and bleeding. “I’ve never felt so scared in my life.”


Ruling on Arizona’s immigration law leaves many questions unanswered

The Los Angeles Times, 06/27/2012

Across the state, the law’s “show me your papers” provision upheld by the Supreme Court has created confusion and anxiety, and moved Latinos — both legal and illegal residents — to ask an overriding question: How can you promise we won’t be singled out because of how we look?

If I’m traveling with other Latinos in a carpool will I be stopped?

Will you accept my Mexican-issued ID?

If I witness a crime, should I call the police?

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Arizona Ruling Only a Narrow Opening for Other States

The New York Times, 06/25/2012

While the Supreme Court’s mixed decision on Monday on Arizona’s immigration enforcement law gave a big political boost to officials there who supported it, the ruling does not seem likely to unleash a new wave of legislation by other states to crack down on illegal immigration.

On the basis of the ruling, five other states that have already passed similar laws — Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah — should be able to defeat some of the many challenges they faced from civil rights organizations, which have held up those laws in the courts.

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