The “Zetas” Cartel Divides [in Spanish]

Proceso, 7/20/12

Sources from within the federal security apparatus told Proceso that in fact, the rumors are true, there have been narcomantas in the North of Mexico saying that the Zetas have split.  Their two current capos, Z-40 (Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales) and El Lazca, have major internal divisions and there are suspicions that internal fights have already begun, according to experts this will probably lead to another major cartel war (a “bloodbath” specifically) as the two capos war for control of the cartel.  There have been videos posted by El Lazca’s side of the division in which they call Z-40 “Judas” and say that he betrayed the cartel.  There have been rumors of the split since April, when Stratfor published a piece predicting that this may occur.  In addition many more local Zeta chiefs who controlled plazas had been captured or killed, and it is emerging that some of them were murdered internally by the other faction.

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