The strange case of candidate Fox and president Hyde [In Spanish]

Letras Libres, 05/2012
Ricardo Cayuela Gally

Vicente Fox

In this article, Cayuela Gally remembers the presidential election of 2000, which became exemplary as the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) delivered concise results on time, the leaving president congratulated the winner and the political class in general behaved up to the standards of a society that sought for change.

Vicente Fox appeared agile and attractive in the eyes of the press. He promised to clean up Los Pinos yet proved to be an leader of great ignorance. During his administration, however, he was able to accomplish two important changes: the creation of the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information (IFAI) and of a climate of respect toward freedom of expression. Finally, Mexicans are aware of how much their politicians spend and how they use public funds.

Unfortunately, those two feats do not compensate the negative balance of his six-year term. Fox committed errors that created an enmity with the Mexican middle class. He also let loose the inner working of the corporate system. He was an unrealistic man who thought that his mere presence would suffice in order to bring the Chiapas rebellion to a halt.

In sum, democracy suffered and became polarized in the 2006 elections. Fox was not impartial but rather became a strong advocate for this political party albeit his personal distance with Felipe Calderón.

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