Peña Nieto reshuffles as support shrinks

8/31/2015 The Financial Times

12242280414_183b094546_zWhen Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto posted a picture of his socks on Twitter earlier this month, scorn and sarcasm rained down from social media.

The president’s light-hearted attempt to try to clear up that he had not, in fact, run a 10km race with his socks on the wrong way backfired: scores of tweets thanked him for enlightening the nation on the sockgate affair while issues like alleged human rights abuses, rising poverty and why his wife’s house had been paid for by a favoured government contractor remained unresolved.

It has been a marathon year that has seen the avid athlete stumble from crisis to crisis, seeming only to spot problems when they had already engulfed him.

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Mexican Congress Confirms Medina Mora as Ambassador to U.S.

Medina Mora announced the death toll has fell 25% in the first 3 months of 2009
Medina Mora

Bloomberg, 1/9/2013

Mexico’s Congress today confirmed Eduardo Medina Mora, the former attorney general and envoy to the U.K., as the nation’s next ambassador to the U.S. Medina Mora, who served as Mexico’s top legal official when President Enrique Pena Nieto’s predecessor, Felipe Calderon, started the nation’s war on drug cartels in 2006, will replace Arturo Sarukhan, whom Calderon sent to Washington.

Medina Mora is also a cousin of Manuel Medina-Mora, who was named a co-president of Citigroup Inc. this week and was previously head of Banamex, the lender’s Mexican unit. The selection of Medina Mora shows the importance of U.S. cooperation in turning the tide on Mexico’s war on drug cartels that resulted in more than 58,000 deaths under Calderon, said Jorge Chabat, a political science professor at the Mexico City-based Center for Economic Research and Teaching. Medina Mora will provide expertise on security without letting the U.S. control Mexico’s strategy, Chabat said.

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Mexico Institute Releases Cabinet Graphic

The Mexico Institute is please to release this english translation of President Peña Nieto’s cabinet.

Please click Peña Nieto’s Cabinet to view the graphic.