Mexico’s Catholic Church halts large pilgrimage


Source: PBS

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church announced the cancellation Monday of what’s considered the world’s largest Catholic pilgrimage, for the Virgin of Guadalupe, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mexico’s Episcopal Conference said in a statement that the basilica will be closed from December 10-13. The Virgin is celebrated on Dec. 12 and for weeks in advance, pilgrims travel from across Mexico to gather by the millions in Mexico City.


Thousands of pilgrims descend on Basilica de Guadalupe (in Spanish)

Milenio, 12/11/2008

Thursday morning continued without major incidents in the arrival of tens of thousands of pilgrims to the Basilica de Guadalupe through the five main corridors, although there was strict security.

Public Security authorities for the Federal District said that its entire special operations force of 1,850 officers had been dispatched to provide security and surveillance for the pilgrimages that began to arrive in the city since Thursday.

The police, in addition to establishing security perimeters in the area of the Basilica, have also been dispatched around the perimeter of the city to provide security along the five main routes into the city.

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