Immigration Reform News: President Obama Says He Will Continue to Fight for Immigration Reform

6/6/15 Latin Post

obamaIn light of Immigrant Heritage Month, President Barack Obama promised to continue his fight to overhaul the country’s broken immigration system during his weekly address on Saturday.

“I’m going to keep doing everything I can to make our immigration system more just and more fair,” Obama said.

During the speech, the president talked about the executive action he took last November to protect up to 5 million undocumented residents from deportation. However, in response Texas led a coalition of 25 states in filing a lawsuit against the relief programs, arguing that it would hurt their states and violate the Constitution. Subsequently, a Texas district judge issued a temporary injunction in February that stalled the implementation of Obama’s plan while the constitutionality of the policy is being considered.

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Obama Pledges Mexico’s Pena Nieto Drugs Support

1/6/2015 BBC News

President Obama visits Mexico President Enrique Pena NietoPresident Barack Obama has promised the US will stand alongside Mexico in its fight against drug-related violence.

The vow came after talks with President Enrique Pena Nieto in the White House, in which the two discussed the recent disappearance of 43 Mexican students.

The US president said his country would be a “good partner” to its neighbour in the fight against drugs and associated problems.

“Our commitment is to be a friend and supporter of Mexico in its efforts to eliminate the scourge of violence and drug cartels that are responsible for so many tragedies inside of Mexico,” he said.

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Plan Mérida: Vital para EE.UU. y México

1/7/2015 Voz de América

Interview with Christopher Wilson

obama_nieto_featureLos presidentes de Estados Unidos y México coincidieron en afirmar la necesidad de fortalecer sus relaciones en el marco de temas como seguridad, inmigración y comercio.

En un análisis de la reunión que sostuvieron los mandatarios Barack Obama y Enrique Peña Nieto en la Casa Blanca, el experto asociado del Instituto México del Centro de Pensamiento Woodrow Wilson, Christopher Wilsondijo en entrevista con la Voz de América que ambos países reconocen la importancia de su cooperación y buscan extenderla.

“Uno de los aspectos más importantes para la seguridad se apoya en la Iniciativa Mérida y ese es el punto que requiere del mayor fortalecimiento porque las dos naciones reconocen que es un mecanismo efectivo”, dijo Wilson.

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Obama presses Mexico to Help Prevent Illegal Immigration Surge

1/6/2015 The Hill

President Obama pressed Mexico’s president on Tuesday to work alongside the U.S. 4097699785_073813177e_zgovernment to prevent a new surge of illegal immigrants.

Obama is looking for the help after taking executive action that will offer legal status and work permits to millions of people in the United States illegally, many of them from Mexico.

In a White House meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Obama said the Mexican government had committed to help “send a very clear message” that the executive action does not cover new immigrants.

For Mexico, there’s significant incentive to help support the president’s new immigration action.

…“But the biggest reason this is celebrated by the Mexican government is they feel a responsibility to protect their citizens abroad,” said Chris Wilson, who leads the study of U.S.-Mexico border affairs at the Wilson Center. “When Mexican citizens are in the U.S. without immigration papers, they’re vulnerable. They don’t have the same access to the police, to public services.”

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The Business That Builds North American Prosperity

1/5/2015 U.S. News & World Report

Bernardo Montoya/Reuters
Bernardo Montoya/Reuters

When Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto first visited the White House as president-elect in November 2012, he was determined to reframe the U.S.-Mexico relationship. Security had dominated the bilateral agenda since 2001, and the new administration sought to give economic ties the leading role.

…While his [EPN] bold structural reform program has impressed foreign investors and the international media, public anger over the September disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero state, compounded by a series of corruption allegations,threatens the administration’s economic message. Peña Nieto’s meeting with President Barack Obama could not come at a more critical time.

The Obama administration should seize this opportunity to review security cooperation and refocus on important joint efforts to strengthen the rule of law and confront drug-related violence. It would be a mistake, however, to allow the pendulum of the bilateral relationship to swing completely in this direction. Both dimensions — economics and security — require attention at the highest levels of government.

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Why the U.S.-Mexico Relationship Matters

1/6/2015 Politico

By Enrique Peña Nieto

Enrique Pena NietoThe United States and Mexico have enjoyed a unique and flourishing relationship over the past decades. I am delighted to start 2015 by visiting Washington, D.C., and embarking on new ways in which Mexico and the United States can strengthen our ties in order to make North America the most prosperous and competitive region in the world.

Our countries have an intense economic relationship that is spread over a myriad of areas. Since the beginning of my administration, I have worked with President Barack Obama to create bilateral mechanisms that harness the full potential of our relationship. We are already seeing concrete results from the High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED), the Mexico-U.S. Bilateral Forum on Higher Education, Innovation and Research (FOBESII), the Mexico-U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC) and the 21st Century Border Action Plan of 2014.

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Obama Promises Partnership With Mexico in Battling Drug Cartels

1/6/2015 Bloomberg Business

President Obama visits Mexico President Enrique Pena NietoPresident Barack Obama promised Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto help in the fight against drug cartels and said the U.S. will keep pressing to expand democracy and human rights in Latin America, including Cuba.

The two leaders also discussed cross-border immigration and boosting trade and economic growth in both countries during Pena Nieto’s first visit to Washington since 2012.

The kidnapping and alleged killing of 43 students by a cartel working with local police in a southern Mexico town, was at the center of talks about Mexico’s security situation. Obama said the administration has been following the events.

“Our commitment is to be a friend and partner with Mexico in its efforts to eliminate the scourge of violence and drug cartels,” Obama told reporters following his meeting with Pena Nieto in the Oval Office.

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