Mexico eyes incentives for firms that save water amid drought in northern state


Source: Reuters

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday he would be willing to give fiscal benefits to companies that lower their water consumption in the northern state of Nuevo Leon in order to help tackle a drought in the region.

Speaking at a regular news conference, Lopez Obrador said a solution to the water shortage must be found by local authorities, but added that the federal government is willing to help.


26 women and girls missing, 5 found dead in northern Mexico: “She could be my daughter”

Date: April 21, 2022

Source: CBS News

Twenty-six women and girls have disappeared so far this year in a northern Mexican state bordering Texas and five others who were reported missing have been found dead, the state governor said Tuesday. Authorities and families in Nuevo Leon are frantically searching for the missing, Reuters reported, as Mexico continues to grapple with pervasive gender violence.

Nuevo Leon Governor Samuel Garcia told a news conference that authorities and families were searching for the missing people, saying he would increase funding and resources to help combat gender violence, Reuters reported.

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Official in Nuevo León linked to company that owns 90 luxury cars

Source: Mexico News Daily

Nuevo León Governor Samuel García has accused a former official of corruption, claiming that he used public resources to buy as many as 90 luxury cars during a 12-year career in the state water department.

The value of the vehicles purchased by Juan Pulido, a former operations director at the Monterrey Water and Drainage Service (SADM), far exceeded his salary, the governor told a press conference.


40 busloads of Nuevo León citizens cross border for Covid vaccine in US


Source: Mexico News Daily

The governor-elect of Nuevo León and his influencer wife were among 800 residents of the northern border state who crossed into the United States aboard 40 buses on Wednesday to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Accompanied by federal and state security forces, three fleets of buses departed Monterrey on a staggered schedule Wednesday morning to travel about 300 kilometers to the border city of Laredo, Texas, where governor-elect Samuel García, his wife Mariana Rodríguez and employees of companies such as pharmacy chain Farmacias del Ahorro, PepsiCo, building materials firm Cemex and budget airline Viva Aerobus were given shots.


In Mexico, YouTuber helps win husband state governorship


Source: AP

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) — The winner of the election triumphed largely thanks to his glamorous but off-message YouTube influencer wife, and their appearances with music stars. the loser saw her chances fade after video emerged of her in a coaching session with NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere.

It sounds like an election that could have happened in some parts of California, but it was the governorship race in Mexico’s northern border state of Nuevo Leon that proved the most revelatory of Sunday’s congressional, state and local races.


Mexico says 2 leading candidates in state race to be charged


Source: SFGate

MEXICO CITY (AP) — In a surprise move, federal prosecutors in Mexico said late Monday they plan to file charges against the two leading candidates in a key governorship race in which the ruling party trails.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has complained that election regulators have tried to knock candidates of his Morena party out of governorship races.

But López Obrador risks being accused of doing the same, after the two simultaneous criminal investigations were announced with little time left before the June 6 elections.


How Meditation Reduced Violence in a Mexico Prison

11/16/16 InSight Crime

Abbot_of_Watkungtaphao_in_Phu_Soidao_Waterfall.jpgA meditation technique has been praised for pacifying what was once among Mexico‘s most violent prisons, demonstrating the success of rehabilitation techniques in a region characterized by a lack of state control in its jails. Apodaca prison in the state of Nuevo León was the scene of one of the most violent jail incidents in recent Mexican history, but it is now among the calmest in the country, according to a recent BBC Mundo report.

Behind this dramatic turnaround is a meditation program that is being carried out among 700 inmates, the news outlet reported. The technique, known as “Ishayas’ Ascension,” has been in place since 2014 and also involves prison guards and administrative staff. No cases of extreme violence has been registered since its implementation, the meditation program’s coordinator — known as Madhavi Ishaya — told BBC Mundo.

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Monterrey prison: Employees are arrested after deadliest drug gang riot in Mexico’s history

2/19/16 International Business Times

Relatives of inmates gather outside the Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, Mexico 

Mexican authorities have detained employees of the old and overcrowded Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, following the 11 February riot which resulted in the deaths of 52 people. Roberto Flores, the state prosecutor in Nuevo Leon has since accused prison director Gregoria Salazar, prison guard Jose Reyes Hernandez and the deputy superintendent Jesus Fernando Dominguez of homicide and abuse of authority and has placed them preventive custody.

The riot happened after fighting broke out between supporters of a gang leader Juan Pedro Saldivar-Farías known as Zeta 27, who have effectively taken control of the prison, and Jorge Iván Hernández, “El Credo”, a leader of another group, Gulf Cartel. It was not immediately clear how the victims died with reports stating that there was no gunfire.

The prison has long housed members of Zeta 27, who have spread fear across Mexico before being debilitated by arrests and the deaths of their founding members. The gang was also linked to another prison murder in Nuevo Leon in 2012, when 44 inmates died after Zeta members plotted with guards to stage an elaborate escape.

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Mass grave found in northern Mexico

9/2/15 Yahoo News

Grave photo credit Kelly DonlanA mass grave has been found in northern Mexico, authorities said Tuesday, as a rights group indicated it could contain 31,000 bone fragments corresponding to at least 31 bodies.

The pit was discovered on a ranch in the town of Salinas Victoria, some 35 kilometers (22 miles) north of the industrial hub of Monterrey, said a spokeswoman for the Nuevo Leon state prosecutor’s office, Priscila Rivas.

“The ranch was found through statements by detained criminals, information from victims and investigations by the prosecutor’s office,” Rivas told AFP.

The spokeswoman declined to say how many pieces of bones were unearthed or how many bodies they could represent.

But Consuelo Morales, who heads the Citizens Supporting Human Rights (CADHAC), said authorities told her organization that 31,000 bone fragments were found since the grave was detected earlier this year.

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Some 22 people have died in what Agence France-Presse has described as “three days of violence” in northern Mexico

6/22/15 Latin Post

youth with handgunSome 22 people have died in what Agence France-Presse has described as “three days of violence” in northern Mexico; authorities announced the new death count after they discovered five more bodies on Sunday in the country’s state of Nuevo León, the newswire detailed.

The town government of San Pedro, a suburb of the industrial hub of Monterrey, said that the half-naked bodies of three individuals aged 18 to 30 were discovered in various city streets. A state investigator, who spoke to the newswire on condition of anonymity, detailed that each body had a head wound and that bullet shells found near the victims pointed to them having been killed elsewhere and then dumped on the street.

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