Mexico president says containing migrants not enough


Source: AP

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed frustration with a strategy of containing migrants in the south on Thursday and said he would write to U.S. President Joe Biden to insist that country contribute to his favorite development projects in the region.

The president’s comments came after days of groups of 200 to 300 migrants walking out of the southern city of Tapachula. Mexico’s National Guard and immigration agents have broken up the groups and detained many, in some cases using force that drew heavy criticism.


President announces additional 50 billion pesos for National Guard


Source: Mexico News Daily

The National Guard (GN) will receive an additional 50 billion pesos (US $2.5 billion) in funding over the next two years, President López Obrador announced on Sunday.

The new funding will “finish strengthening this institution by the end of 2023,” he said during the inauguration of new GN barracks in Xalapa, Veracruz.

López Obrador said the security force will have all the members it needs by the end of that year and they will be paid “fair salaries.”


Mexican farmers hold police, guard hostage in land dispute


Source: AP News

About 44 police, detectives and members of Mexico’s National Guard are apparently being held hostage by a group of farmers in a land dispute, the Interior Secretary of the southern state of Oaxaca said Thursday.

Francisco García López said the farmers are holding the officers until the government agrees to return farmland they say belongs to them.

The officers do not appear to have been mistreated so far, and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said “they are negotiating, but they have not been taken hostage.”


Mexico raids building project next to Teotihuacán pyramids


Source: AP

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico sent in 250 National Guard troops and 60 police officers Monday to seize land next to the pre-Hispanic ruins of Teotihuacán where authorities have said bulldozers were destroying outlying parts of the archeological site.

Mexican archaeological officials reported last week that they had been trying since March to halt the private construction project, but work continued on what local media says were plans to build some sort of amusement park.

The National Institute of History and Anthropology said the National Guard helped authorities put up seizure notices on the property just north of Mexico City. The seizure allows prosecutors to take control of the plot while those responsible for the work are investigated for criminal charges of “irreparably damaging” the national heritage.


Inside the bloody cartel war for Mexico’s multibillion-dollar avocado industry


11/20/19 – Los Angeles Times

By Katie Linthicum

The cartel members showed up in this verdant stretch of western Mexico armed with automatic weapons and chainsaws.

Soon they were cutting timber day and night, the crash of falling trees echoing throughout the virgin forest. When locals protested, explaining that the area was protected from logging, they were held at gunpoint and ordered to keep quiet.

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Buses to nowhere: Mexico transports migrants with U.S. court dates to its far south



10/15/19 – LA Times

By Patrick J McDonnell

The exhausted passengers emerge from a sleek convoy of silver and red-streaked buses, looking confused and disoriented as they are deposited ignominiously in this tropical backwater in southernmost Mexico.

There is no greeter here to provide guidance on their pending immigration cases in the United States or on where to seek shelter in a teeming international frontier town packed with marooned, U.S.-bound migrants from across the globe.

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Mexican government watchdog concerned about National Guard’s detaining migrants

7/8/19 – Reuters

By Anthony Esposito

sedena 2
Photo by SEDENA

Mexico’s newly created National Guard has detained U.S.-bound migrants and the government should make public the rules governing their power to curb immigration, the head of the government’s human rights ombudsman said on Monday.

The National Guard is a security force created by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to bring down record homicide rates. But now it has been tasked with patrolling the border to placate U.S. President Donald Trump, who threatened to slap tariffs on Mexican imports unless the country did more to stem the flow of Central American migrants heading to the United States.

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Mexico steps up raids on migrant-smuggling trucks, uses giant X-ray

7/8/19 – Reuters

Rebekah F. Ward

Photo by SEDENA

Mexican officials have captured more than 200 migrants hidden in trucks over the past two days, including dozens spotted by a large X-ray scanner huddled in secret compartments, as the country steps up a crackdown under U.S. pressure.

Footage of the X-ray shows a ghost-like truck filled with the brightened silhouettes of the migrants – some sitting and others lying down – along two levels of the crowded compartments on Sunday.

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Mexico detains dozens of migrants in raid on freight train

6/28/19 – AP News


About 100 Mexican soldiers and immigration agents raided a freight train in the southern state of Chiapas on Thursday and detained dozens of Central American migrants riding atop the cars.

Such raids had been rare since the last crackdown on migrants in 2014. But under increasing U.S. pressure to reduce the flow of hundreds of thousands of Central Americans through Mexican territory, Mexico’s government has stepped up enforcement.

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Mexico national guard shows lighter touch with migrants after president’s warning

6/25/19 – Reuters

By Anthony Esposito

Photo courtesy of

Mexico’s National Guard, accused of being heavy-handed in its efforts to curb migrant flows, employed a lighter touch on the U.S. border on Tuesday after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said they did not have orders to detain migrants.

Earlier on Tuesday, Lopez Obrador faced repeated questions at a news conference about photographs that emerged last week of the National Guard catching Central American and Cuban women in Ciudad Juarez, which borders El Paso, Texas.

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