Interior minister shuffled to Senate to be replaced by governor of Tabasco


Source: Mexico Daily News

Olga Sánchez will be replaced by Adán Augusto López to take No. 2 post in federal government

The minister responsible for Mexico’s domestic affairs will return to the Senate and her post will be taken by the governor of Tabasco, President López Obrador announced Thursday afternoon.

Olga Sánchez Cordero, 74, has served as minister of the interior since the López Obrador administration took office on December 1, 2018. She returns to the Senate, to which she was elected in September 2018, prior to which she was a Supreme Court justice for 20 years.


Security efforts will concentrate crime-fighting in 50 worst municipalities


Source: Mexico News Daily

The federal government will concentrate its anti-crime efforts on the 50 municipalities with the highest rates of insecurity.

That’s the message President López Obrador conveyed to ruling Morena party governors and governors-elect at a meeting on Wednesday at the National Palace in Mexico City.

The government has already made improving the security situation in 15 highly violent municipalities a priority, and has achieved some success.


AMLO’s Ruling Party Sees Support in Mexico City Crumble


Source: Bloomberg

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Morena party saw its dominance in Mexico City crumble in Sunday’s midterms, as some in the country’s educated classes turned against the government.

Having previously ruled 12 of Mexico City’s 16 districts, Morena looks like it will take home few more than half of them this week.

Fed up with entrenched corruption, many educated Mexicans voted for the populist Lopez Obrador in 2018 but have since been put off by his nationalism and bombastic rhetoric. The divide in Mexico City encapsulates that of the country, as the working class eastern part of the city backed the president’s party, while the richer western side voted for the opposition.


Five takeaways from Mexico’s midterm election


Source: CNN

The morning after his country’s largest election in history, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador held his daily press conference, where he usually talks about his policies and answers questions from the media.

The president, also known as AMLO, arrived at the morning conference smiling. “Cheer up!,” he told reporters gathered at Mexico City’s National Palace, the executive branch’s seat. Sure, the president has reasons to smile — but not as many as he hoped he would have. Here are five takeaways after Sunday’s midterm elections in Mexico.


EXCLUSIVE Mexico now ready to welcome private lithium miners


Source: Reuters

Mexico’s leftist ruling party has dropped plans to nationalize lithium production and is now pushing to welcome private investors to help develop the country’s potential in the metal used to make batteries, the senior lawmaker behind the proposal told Reuters.

Mexico, a major copper and silver producer, is home to large potential reserves of lithium, used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Most of it is in hard-to-tap clay deposits that are costly and technically difficult to mine.


Mexico president poised for election win, fired by statist energy drive


Source: Reuters

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s drive to strengthen state control of natural resources faces a key test on Sunday at mid-term elections that will determine control of Congress for the rest of his administration.

The leftist Lopez Obrador has upset many of Mexico’s main trade partners and leading business groups by pushing through legislation to reverse the previous government’s opening of the energy market to more private capital.


Fake news on the rise ahead of Mexico elections


Source: France 24

Fake news is multiplying on social networks in Mexico during an election campaign marked by increased political polarization, insults and attacks against candidates and parties, experts warn.

AFP’s fact-checking journalists have debunked several news stories circulating on social media in recent weeks that turned out to be false.

One widely shared post said that the ruling Morena party wanted voters to use new identity cards linked to poll technology firm Smartmatic, which it accused of being “a Venezuelan electoral fraud company.”


Mexico says 2 leading candidates in state race to be charged


Source: SFGate

MEXICO CITY (AP) — In a surprise move, federal prosecutors in Mexico said late Monday they plan to file charges against the two leading candidates in a key governorship race in which the ruling party trails.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has complained that election regulators have tried to knock candidates of his Morena party out of governorship races.

But López Obrador risks being accused of doing the same, after the two simultaneous criminal investigations were announced with little time left before the June 6 elections.


Amlo calls decision to disqualify candidates ‘a blow to democracy’


Source: The Guardian

Mexico’s president has blasted a decision to disqualify two of his party’s gubernatorial candidates – including one accused of rape – describing the decision by Mexico’s electoral tribunal as “a blow to democracy”.

“Democracy is respecting the will of the people,” said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as Amlo, at his morning press conference on Wednesday. “In a democracy, it’s the people who decide. It’s the people who give orders.”

Late on Tuesday, Mexico’s electoral tribunal upheld a ruling which disqualified gubernatorial candidates Félix Salgado Macedonio in Guerrero and Raúl Morón in Michoacán from the 6 June elections because they had failed to file campaign expense reports.


Mexico’s electoral body blocks ruling party candidate in gubernatorial election over spending report


Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s highest electoral authority on Tuesday formally blocked the gubernatorial candidacy of a ruling-party politician, backed by the country’s president, for failing to submit pre-campaign spending reports.

Felix Salgado Macedonio, a former mayor of the popular tourist destination of Acapulco, had been running for governor of the state of Guerrero as a candidate of President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador’s ruling MORENA party.

Lopez sparked controversy with his support for Salgado, who faces a rape allegation which he rejects, despite mounting pressure from feminist groups and members of the ruling MORENA party itself.