Mexico to Trump: Those Carrier jobs are not the story

1/12/16 The Washington Post

download (2).jpgMEXICO CITY — For the Mexican government, few goals seem more important than winning new foreign investment. The competition among Mexican states to bring the next automobile plant or aerospace factory is intense and produces big-time incentives for foreign companies that make the move. But the announcement that Carrier, the Indiana-based company that makes air conditioners and heaters, would be keeping some 1,000 jobs in its Indianapolis plant instead of moving them to Monterrey, Mexico, was greeted by Mexican officials with little more than a shrug.

“I see this as something that should occupy us, not worry us,” said Hector Castillo Olivares, the mayor of Santa Catarina, the Monterrey suburb where the new Carrier plant is being built. “The United States is not the world,” the state’s governor, Jaime “El Bronco” Rodriguez, told a radio station. “We don’t depend on them, nor do we have to depend on them.”

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Monterrey prison: Employees are arrested after deadliest drug gang riot in Mexico’s history

2/19/16 International Business Times

Relatives of inmates gather outside the Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, Mexico 

Mexican authorities have detained employees of the old and overcrowded Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, following the 11 February riot which resulted in the deaths of 52 people. Roberto Flores, the state prosecutor in Nuevo Leon has since accused prison director Gregoria Salazar, prison guard Jose Reyes Hernandez and the deputy superintendent Jesus Fernando Dominguez of homicide and abuse of authority and has placed them preventive custody.

The riot happened after fighting broke out between supporters of a gang leader Juan Pedro Saldivar-Farías known as Zeta 27, who have effectively taken control of the prison, and Jorge Iván Hernández, “El Credo”, a leader of another group, Gulf Cartel. It was not immediately clear how the victims died with reports stating that there was no gunfire.

The prison has long housed members of Zeta 27, who have spread fear across Mexico before being debilitated by arrests and the deaths of their founding members. The gang was also linked to another prison murder in Nuevo Leon in 2012, when 44 inmates died after Zeta members plotted with guards to stage an elaborate escape.

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1,400 Workers ‘Devastated’ by Carrier’s Plan to Move Indianapolis Facility to Mexico

2/16/16 ABC News 

2000px-Logo_of_the_Carrier_Corporation.svgA union representing workers at an Indianapolis facility that recently announced it would be moving to Mexico — taking 1,400 U.S. jobs along with it — met with company representatives today but said there was “no hope” of stopping the move.

Carrier, which makes heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, announced on Feb. 10 that it planned to relocate its Indianapolis, Indiana, manufacturing facility to Monterrey, Mexico, “over the course of an estimated three-year period.”

“It’s pretty damn bad when you’ve got people that figured they’d be able to retire there with some dignity and due to no fault of their own, now they’re finding out they’re not going to have a job,” Chuck Jones, the president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, told RTV6 today.

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Mexico prison riot leaves ‘dozens dead’ in Monterrey

2/11/2016 BBC News 

prisonDozens of people are reported to have been killed in a riot and a fire at a prison in northern Mexico.

Some inmates are also said to have escaped from the Topo Chico prison near the city of Monterrey.

Smoke could be seen billowing from the complex, Mexican broadcaster Televisa reported.

Streets outside the jail were blocked by families worried about relatives inside. Riot police were holding the crowd back.

Officials have so far made no comment and it was not immediately clear how many people had died. Televisa put the toll at 30, while Milenio TV said 50 people had been killed.

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Mass grave found in northern Mexico

9/2/15 Yahoo News

Grave photo credit Kelly DonlanA mass grave has been found in northern Mexico, authorities said Tuesday, as a rights group indicated it could contain 31,000 bone fragments corresponding to at least 31 bodies.

The pit was discovered on a ranch in the town of Salinas Victoria, some 35 kilometers (22 miles) north of the industrial hub of Monterrey, said a spokeswoman for the Nuevo Leon state prosecutor’s office, Priscila Rivas.

“The ranch was found through statements by detained criminals, information from victims and investigations by the prosecutor’s office,” Rivas told AFP.

The spokeswoman declined to say how many pieces of bones were unearthed or how many bodies they could represent.

But Consuelo Morales, who heads the Citizens Supporting Human Rights (CADHAC), said authorities told her organization that 31,000 bone fragments were found since the grave was detected earlier this year.

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10 Dead in Attack on Beer Distributor in Northern Mexico

06/22/15 ABC News

Photo by Kirinqueen

At least 10 people are dead after armed men attacked a beer distribution center on the outskirts of the northern city of Monterrey, Mexican authorities said Friday.

Nuevo Leon State Attorney General Javier Flores told a news conference that authorities are investigating the possibility that the attack involved organized crime. He said drugs and a weapon were found at the scene.

A state government official speaking on condition of anonymity earlier told The Associated Press that the attackers invaded the property, demanded money from the workers and then started shooting. The official was not authorized to discuss the incident publicly.

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Connections Matter in Mexico’s Northern Border Region

08/20/14 Huffington Post. By Indre Biskis

Monterrey-Nathaniel C. SheetzMonterrey, Mexico is a city split by a large river, but that is not the only divide. Deep economic and social gaps separate rich from poor, educated from uneducated, legal from illegal. The population was further split when a highway was constructed right through its city center, solidifying the already significant schism.

Monterrey, the capital of the Nuevo Leon region, is a business-industrial city with a population over 1 million. In 2005, it was ranked as the safest city in Latin America and Mexico. However, since 2008, the city started experiencing violence related to turf battles between warring drug cartels, degrading a city with great economic potential to one full of fear. Drug use and high murder rates continue to steal the lives of youth, tempting those who lack the skills for traditional jobs into much higher-paying, high-risk careers of narcotics and crime.

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