Migrants stuck in lawless limbo within sight of America


11/17/19 – AP News

By Maria Verza

The gangsters trawling Nuevo Laredo know just what they’re looking for: men and women missing their shoelaces.

Those are migrants who made it to the United States to ask for asylum, only to be taken into custody and stripped of their laces — to keep them from hurting themselves. And then they were thrust into danger, sent back to the lawless border state of Tamaulipas.

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Tents, stench, smoke: Health risks are gripping migrant camp


11/14/19 – AP News

By Nomaan Merchant

A smoke-filled stench fills a refugee camp just a short walk from the U.S.-Mexico border, rising from ever-burning fires and piles of human waste. Parents and children live in a sea of tents and tarps, some patched together with garbage bags. Others sleep outside in temperatures that recently dropped to freezing.

Justina, an asylum seeker who fled political persecution in Nicaragua, is struggling to keep her 8-month-old daughter healthy inside the damaged tent they share. The baby, Samantha, was diagnosed with pneumonia and recently released from a hospital with a dwindling supply of antibiotics.

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New Migrant Shelter In Mexico Comes With Threats Of Family Separation


11/01/19 – Texas Public Radio

By Dan Katz and Reynaldo Leaños Jr.

Officials in Matamoros, Mexico, are threatening to separate asylum seekers from their children.
When plans were first announced to open a city-run shelter, asylum seekers and U.S. aid workers voiced concerns. If too far away from the International Bridge — where immigration hearings take place — asylum seekers could face transportation and safety issues. The new shelter is located at a gymnasium at Alberca Chavez, about a 30 minute walk from the bridge.

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Vulnerable LGBTQ migrants left to wait in Mexico

abstract barbed wire black white black and white
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

11/03/19 – The San Diego Union Tribune

By Wendy Fry, Molly Hennesy-Fiske

Pedro Luis Perez arrived at the northern Mexico border in early 2019 looking for safety and asylum in the United States, but instead he spent about 10 months waiting in Tijuana where he said he felt threatened because of his sexual orientation.

Perez was 13 when his parents threw him out of his family home in Guatemala for being gay. He spent much of his youth living on the streets, hunkering down under bridges when it rained.

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US Adds Sixth City to Controversial ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program


10/29/19 – Voice of America

By Victoria Macchi

The U.S. added another city this week to the growing list of locations where asylum-seekers are being returned to Mexico to await their immigration court hearings.

Eagle Pass, Texas, a quiet city on the Rio Grande where border agents have carried out an increased number of migrant apprehensions this year, is the sixth city along the U.S.-Mexico border where the controversial program is under way.

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Illegal logging drops in Monarch butterfly wintering grounds

orange black and white butterfly on green leaf plant
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

10/28/19 – AP News

By Mark Stevenson

Tree loss in the wintering grounds of the monarch butterfly in central Mexico is down by about 25% this year compared to last year as a sharp drop in Illegal logging more than made up from an increase in tree deaths due to lack of water or disease, experts said Monday.

Monarchs need healthy tree cover to protect them rain or cold weather in the pine and fir mountaintop forests in Mexico where they spend the winter. Millions of monarchs make the 3,400-mile (5,500-kilometer) migration from the United States and Canada, and then return, each year, though no single butterfly lives to make the complete trip.

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Why some say Mexico already built Trump’s wall — and paid for it


10/21/19 – CNN News

By Catherine E. Shoichet and Natalie Gallón

The commander paces in front of a line of troops, preparing them for the day’s mission.
“We are in our country. We are in Mexico. We are enforcing our laws,” he says, his voice getting louder with each point he makes.
“Nobody is going to come here to trample on our laws,” he continues. “Nobody is going come here to trample on our country, on our land.”

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Mexico deports 311 Indian migrants back to South Asia

jet cloud landing aircraft
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

0/16/19 – AP News

Mexican immigration authorities say they have deported 311 Indian citizens in an unprecedented repatriation to that South Asian nation.

The National Immigration Institute said in a statement late Wednesday that it had flown the 310 men and one woman to New Dehli from Toluca.

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Buses to nowhere: Mexico transports migrants with U.S. court dates to its far south



10/15/19 – LA Times

By Patrick J McDonnell

The exhausted passengers emerge from a sleek convoy of silver and red-streaked buses, looking confused and disoriented as they are deposited ignominiously in this tropical backwater in southernmost Mexico.

There is no greeter here to provide guidance on their pending immigration cases in the United States or on where to seek shelter in a teeming international frontier town packed with marooned, U.S.-bound migrants from across the globe.

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Hundreds of migrants corralled at detention center in Mexico


10/15/19 – AP News

By Benjamin Alfaro and Amy Guthrie

Hundreds of migrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Central America found themselves corralled in a migrant detention facility in southern Mexico on Sunday after a futile attempt to head north as part of a caravan aiming to reach the United States.

The group set out before sunrise Saturday from the town of Tapachula, where many had been marooned for months unsuccessfully trying to get transit visas. They carried heavy backpacks, babies and parcels on their heads.

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