US plans to reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy next month


Source: ABC News

It hinges on approval of the Mexican government, which has raised concerns that U.S. officials are working to address, the Justice Department said in a court filing late Thursday. Mexico wants cases to generally conclude within six months and ensure that asylum-seekers have timely and accurate information about hearing dates and times and better access to legal counsel.


African migrants ‘forgotten’ on dangerous treks to US: Report

Source: Al Jazeera

An increasing number of African migrants moving through Latin America to seek asylum in the United States demands greater attention and humanitarian responses, a new report has urged, as these asylum seekers face unique challenges along their routes.

The US, Latin American countries and international groups must better manage the flow of a group of people facing more danger, abuse and racism on an already perilous journey, the US-based Migration Policy Institute (MPI) said in its report, titled “African Migration through the Americas”.


Mexico sends 70 Haitian migrants to Port-au-Prince by plane


Source: Al Jazeera

Mexico has sent a group of 70 Haitian migrants, including 13 children, on a plane to Port-au-Prince, in what the government said was part of an “assisted voluntary return” to Haiti.

In a joint statement on Wednesday, Mexico’s interior and foreign ministries said the flight was conducted as part of an agreement between Mexican and Haitian authorities to manage an increase in the number of Haitian asylum seekers moving through Mexico towards the United States.


DHS temporarily suspends use of horse patrol in Del Rio


Source: CNN

The Department of Homeland Security has temporarily suspended the use of horse patrol in the Del Rio, Texas, sector, a Homeland Security official told reporters Thursday, after stunning images from the scene prompted bipartisan criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis at the US-Mexico border.

An investigation was launched after video of Border Patrol agents on horse patrol aggressively confronting migrants, who are largely Haitian, surfaced earlier this week. Several top administration officials as well as congressional Democrats have expressed outrage over the images, taken by Al Jazeera and Reuters, which appear to show law enforcement officers on horseback, including authorities swinging long reins near migrants who crossed the border near Del Rio.


Why many thousands of Haitians converged on the US-Mexico border


Source: CNN

Thousands of Haitian migrants have appeared at the US-Mexico border seeking to cross the Rio Grande and find refuge in the US.

Human rights activists are condemning images of US border agents, mounted on horseback, trying to head off migrants almost as if they’re herding cattle. The US special envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, has now resigned to protest the Biden administration’s “inhumane” effort to send them back to Haiti.


Refugee agency pleads for more money amid flood of Haitians into Mexico


Source: Mexico News Daily

As record numbers of migrants stream into the country, a government agency at the forefront of responding to the influx is facing a budget cut, prompting its chief to appeal to Congress for more money.

Almost 80,000 migrants, including large numbers of Haitians, have applied for asylum after crossing into the country via the southern border this year.


‘Criminalization of migrants is unacceptable:’ Doctors Without Borders


Source: Mexico News Daily

The situation migrants face in Mexico is unsustainable and policies that criminalize them are unacceptable, according to the Mexican division of Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

The organization said in a statement that it has launched an emergency intervention in Tapachula, Chiapas, “where some 40,000 people are trapped due to the failure of the asylum system.”


Mexico president says containing migrants not enough


Source: AP

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed frustration with a strategy of containing migrants in the south on Thursday and said he would write to U.S. President Joe Biden to insist that country contribute to his favorite development projects in the region.

The president’s comments came after days of groups of 200 to 300 migrants walking out of the southern city of Tapachula. Mexico’s National Guard and immigration agents have broken up the groups and detained many, in some cases using force that drew heavy criticism.


‘We can’t survive’: Migrants in Mexico protest slow asylum system


Source: Aljazeera

Hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers from Central America and the Caribbean departed the southern Mexican city of Tapachula on Saturday in a caravan headed to the country’s capital, where they hoped to seek expedited asylum proceedings.

The group of about 500 people included families with young children from Haiti, Cuba, Central America and Colombia, a witness told the Reuters news agency.


National Guard and immigration agents clash with migrants in Chiapas


Source: Mexico Daily News

A caravan of hundreds of Haitian, Cuban, Central American and South American migrants clashed with members of the National Guard (GN) and immigration agents on Saturday after leaving Tapachula, Chiapas, on foot.

The GN and National Immigration Institute (INM) agents resorted to using force to halt the advance of some 600 migrants who departed Tapachula after staging protests for several weeks to demand that their asylum cases be extradited.