Baja Wind Energy Project Could Help Fill California’s Sails

Transcript, Newshour, 6/16/2010

EMMA COTT, independent filmmaker: Here in Baja, just south of California’s border with Mexico, the land is so dry, it can’t be farmed. There’s no work either.

Small-town life depends on cash wired by relatives who have slipped across the border. But the area’s fortune could be changing. As it turns out, this dusty town has something that California desperately needs: wind.

Baja’s first small wind farm will be for use within Mexico, but David Munoz, the director of Baja’s Energy Commission, envisions an international green energy future for his state.

DAVID MUNOZ, director, Baja State Energy Commission: Exporting wind is our next export or renewable power in general. We have an excess of potential, and we have a huge market on the American side.

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