Mexico: Is The Aztec Tiger Starting To Whimper?

aztec calendarForbes, 8/ 27 / 2013

Mexico’s Finance Ministry cut its 2013 growth forecast for Mexico to 1.8%, down from its previous prediction of 3.1%. Mexico’s National Statistics Institute reported that the country’s GDP (at least when seasonally adjusted) actually contracted 0.74% during the second quarter of 2013.

This is more bad news for the economy that Thomas Friedman hastily dubbed the Aztec Tiger. In the fourth quarter Mexico’s economy grew at an anemic 0.8 percent. Despite campaign promises that voters would “earn more” and the introduction of an ambitious set of reform bills, Mexico’s economy started to slow at exactly at the time that the country’s new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, took office.

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Mexico Isn’t a ‘Boring Story,’ Exchange Officials Insist

Wall Street Journal, 11/19/2012

Mexican stock-exchange officials have exciting news they want to share: The booming local market is primed to continue booming, no matter how frothy its rally may seem.

At present, the Mexican stock market has several things going for it, observers say, including steady domestic growth, abundant global liquidity and low returns on fixed-income investments to entice traders to take on risk.

Mexico’s macroeconomic house is in order, with gross domestic product expected to expand nearly 4% this year, inflation mostly under control, healthy banks, and relatively cheap real estate. Manufacturing is also strong and, an exchange official says, the competitiveness gap with China is closing.

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