Departing Mexican Leader Leaves a Mixed Legacy

November 30, 2012
President Calderon

President Calderon

Wall Street Journal, 11/30/2012

President Felipe Calderón leaves office on Saturday with an unusual legacy for a Mexican leader: That of a wartime president. Mr. Calderón’s decision to launch an assault on Mexico’s drug cartels dominated his six-year term and will shape the country for years. Roughly 63,000 people have died in drug-related violence.

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Mexico president seeks to cement legacy in last address

September 4, 2012

The Associated Press, 9/3/2012

President Calderon

As he nears the end of his six-year term, Mexican President Felipe Calderon leaves his country with a better-armored economy — and also more armored cars.

Calderon delivered his final state-of-the-nation speech on Monday, trying to cement his legacy as the president who stabilized the economy and took on the country’s entrenched organized crime groups, putting Mexico on the road to rule of law.

He boasted of expanding and cleaning up the federal police, putting nearly $160 billion in international reserves and creating more than 2 million jobs, twice the number during the term of his predecessor, Vicente Fox.

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For the text of Calderon’s last address, click here.

To see the last address follow the link, Mensaje por el Sexto Informe de Gobierno

U.S. Congressmen Applaud Calderon (In Spanish)

January 13, 2012

Reforma, 1/13/2012

El Presidente Felipe Calderón recibió a congresistas de Estados Unidos, quienes reconocieron el compromiso del Gobierno de México en el combate a la delincuencia organizada, la cual afecta a las sociedades de los dos países.

En el encuentro celebrado en la residencia oficial de Los Pinos, el jefe del Ejecutivo señaló la necesidad de continuar profundizando la cooperación bilateral sobre la base de la responsabilidad compartida.

Además, enfatizó la importancia de la aplicación de medidas más estrictas para detener el tráfico ilegal de armas y dinero en efectivo hacia el territorio nacional, y reconoció el sólido apoyo bipartidista existente en el Congreso de Estados Unidos para impulsar mayores niveles de cooperación con México.

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Mexico Proposes Spending Increase of 2.5% for 2012 Budget

September 9, 2011


Bloomberg, 9/9/11

Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s government proposed to boost spending by 2.5 percent in real terms for next year, when Latin America’s second-biggest economy will elect a new head of state.

The Finance Ministry submitted yesterday a proposal to congress for 2012 spending of 3.62 trillion pesos ($290 billion) and no changes to the tax code, according to a presentation on the agency’s website.

The plan would create a budget deficit of 36.7 billion pesos, or 0.2 percent of the country gross domestic product, excluding investments in state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos. This year’s proposed deficit was 42 billion pesos, or 0.3 percent of GDP. If approved, 2012 will be Mexico’s third consecutive year with a deficit.

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