Mexico: Towns Arm Themselves For Self-Protection Against Organized Crime

Huffpost Latino Voices, 1/17/2013

youth with handgunAverage citizens in towns in Guerrero who are fed up with crime and a government that is doing nothing to help them have banded together to take back their towns in the municipalities of Tecoanapa and Ayutla de Los Libres. The town has voted to continue civil resistance despite warnings from State officials who have warned them that this type of self-defense acts are violent acts and against the law. Yet, the people in Ayutla believe they have a right to arm themselves and take matters into their own hands.

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No conflict in Mexico with Citi bailout – Banamex

Reuters, 2/27/2009

The U.S. government move to boost its equity stake in Citigroup does not violate Mexican law and will not change the company’s strategy, Citi’s Mexican unit, Banamex, said on Friday.

“There are clear arguments that affirm that the (transaction) announced today does not conflict with any Mexican legislation,” Banamex said, citing the the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Speculation has mounted that Citi could be forced to sell Banamex, which it describes as one of its crown jewels, to raise funds to bolster its depleted capital levels.

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