In Mexico, Street Vendors Trump Retailers in Tough Times

08/18/14 Bloomberg

marketAs crowds of people make their way through the twisting aisles of one of Mexico City’s largest street markets on a Sunday morning, customers fight for room to peruse everything from blenders to mobile phones to jeans.

These shoppers are choosing cheaper, tax-free, used or contraband merchandise over visiting shopping malls or department stores like Sears, owned in Mexico by billionaire Carlos Slim’s Grupo Sanborns SAB. (GSANBOB1) Competition from so-called informal vendors is part of the reason Mexico’s retail association reported an increase of only 0.7 percent in same-store sales in July, missing the 1 percent average increase estimate of analysts compiled by Bloomberg.

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Mexico Isn’t a ‘Boring Story,’ Exchange Officials Insist

Wall Street Journal, 11/19/2012

Mexican stock-exchange officials have exciting news they want to share: The booming local market is primed to continue booming, no matter how frothy its rally may seem.

At present, the Mexican stock market has several things going for it, observers say, including steady domestic growth, abundant global liquidity and low returns on fixed-income investments to entice traders to take on risk.

Mexico’s macroeconomic house is in order, with gross domestic product expected to expand nearly 4% this year, inflation mostly under control, healthy banks, and relatively cheap real estate. Manufacturing is also strong and, an exchange official says, the competitiveness gap with China is closing.

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