Mexico to reserve future lithium production for government


Source: AP News

Mexico said Friday it wants to declare lithium a “strategic mineral” and reserve any future exploration and mining for the government.

The move is likely to leave Mexico’s only privately exploited mine, expected to start production in 2023, in the hands of a Chinese lithium company.

The changes are contained in a bill that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has sent to congress. The bill also changes the Constitution to strengthen government control over electricity production and distribution.


EXCLUSIVE Mexico now ready to welcome private lithium miners


Source: Reuters

Mexico’s leftist ruling party has dropped plans to nationalize lithium production and is now pushing to welcome private investors to help develop the country’s potential in the metal used to make batteries, the senior lawmaker behind the proposal told Reuters.

Mexico, a major copper and silver producer, is home to large potential reserves of lithium, used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Most of it is in hard-to-tap clay deposits that are costly and technically difficult to mine.