Suspect Linked to Dozens of Kidnappings Arrested in Mexico

April 7, 2015

Fox News Latino, 4/4/2015

hands in handcuffsMexico’s Federal Police on Friday arrested the suspected leader of a criminal gang linked to dozens of abductions and an extortion racket in the southwestern Tierra Caliente region.

The 24-year-old Nicolás Trujillo, a purported regional head of the Los Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) cartel, is suspected of overseeing kidnapping operations that resulted in more than 100 people being held in makeshift camps, that institution said in a statement.

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Mexico Marks Four Months Since 43 Ayotzinapa Students Disappeared

January 27, 2015

By Renee Lewis, 1/26/2015

The Associated Press October 22, 2014

The Associated Press October 22, 2014

Marking four months since 43 students went missing in Mexico’s Guerrero state, supporters demanded the students’ return during mass demonstrations in Mexico and abroad.

Thousands of protesters attended marches across Mexico on Monday, according to local media, with many blaming the state for the students’ disappearance. In Mexico City, protesters converged from four directions for a rally on Zocalo Square.

As the protesters marched, they chanted, “Careful with Guerrero, a guerrilla state” and held banners that read, “They took them alive, we want them back alive!”

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Frenchwoman Freed From Mexico Jail Sues Ex-President, Others

January 27, 2015

Yahoo News, 1/26/2015

handcuffsMEXICO CITY (AP) — A Frenchwoman who became a cause celebre in her country after she was jailed for kidnapping in Mexico is suing a former Mexican president, other ex-officials and a major TV network, her lawyer said Monday.

Jose Patino Hurtado, Florence Cassez’s attorney in Mexico, told Noticias MVS radio that the civil suit filed on Friday seeks $36 million for suffering and “moral damage.”

The lawsuit seeks “above all to vindicate Florence Cassez, which is the most important thing,” Patino said in an interview with Noticias MVS host Carmen Aristegui.

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Mexican official says kidnapping investigations drop 18 pct

January 22, 2015

1/21/15 The Washington Post

censorshipInvestigations of abductions in Mexico declined 18 percent last year, Mexico’s national chief of anti-kidnapping efforts said Wednesday in crediting better state and federal coordination. The number of kidnapping investigations in 2014 was 1,394, down from 1,698 in 2013, Renato Sales said at a news conference. But under reporting remains a persistent problem. Mexico’s national statistics institute estimates more than 90 percent of kidnapping cases are never reported.

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Migrants snared in multi-million dollar kidnap racket on U.S.-Mexico border

October 16, 2014

10/13/14 Reuters

gr-mexico-immigrants-624Tens of thousands of Central American migrants are being kidnapped, abused and extorted by Mexican gangs just yards from the United States in a growing racket that may be worth up to $250 million a year. Arriving in ragtag border towns like Reynosa, Mexico’s migrant kidnapping capital where police in armored vehicles patrol the streets and daytime shootouts are commonplace, migrants are picked off buses by gangs who federal authorities say are in cahoots with local officials. They are then held captive in small houses packed with dozens of fellow migrants, where they are ransomed for up to $5,000 a head. Women who cannot pay face rape, while men risk beatings and conscription into gang ranks, police say.

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Mexico: 2 burned bodies found in congressman’s SUV

September 24, 2014

09/23/14 The Washington Post 

jaliscoTwo charred bodies were discovered Tuesday inside a burned-out vehicle in which a congressman and his driver were kidnapped at gunpoint the previous day, Mexican authorities said. Zacatecas state prosecutor Arturo Nahle said that although the vehicle was completely burned, the license plates left “no doubt” that it was the congressman’s SUV. He said DNA testing was being done on the remains to determine whether they belonged to Gabriel Gomez Michel, a member of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, and his driver.

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Tourist town in central Mexico plagued by kidnappings, officials say

August 20, 2014

08/19/14 Fox News Latino

valle del bravoAt least seven people have been kidnapped in Valle de Bravo, a popular tourist town in central Mexico, with three of the victims already released, state officials said Tuesday.

Three kidnappings have been reported in recent days, Mexico state Government Secretary Jose Manzur said.

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