Mexico and UK Sign Extensive Joint Declaration

The Yucatan Times, 2/5/2015

Photo Courtesy of President's Office
Photo Courtesy of President’s Office

Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary José Antonio Meade Kuribreña and British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond signed an extensive joint declaration on the second day of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s state visit to the United Kingdom.

The secretaries divided the document into categories: political dialogue, economic dialogue and investment, culture and education, tourism, energy, defense and security, human rights, health, space, diplomatic and expert exchanges, global matters, climate change, post 2015 agenda and open government alliance.

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Making San Diego an international hub

San Diego flickr user slack12U-T San Diego, 7/3/2013

An effort to dramatically increase spending on U.S. border enforcement was a key reason for Senate passage of immigration reform and will be key to bipartisan support in the House. The debate has focused on walling off the border rather than thinking of it as a conduit. Yet border states such as California, and cities such as San Diego, have the unique opportunity to leverage proximity to Mexico to generate jobs and bolster economic growth for the themselves and the United States as a whole. By further integrating with its Mexican sister city, Tijuana, San Diego could become an international trade hub of more than 5 million people in a binational, regional metropolis.

The economic challenges of recent years have aroused fear and skepticism in the United States around global trade and outsourcing. While moving manufacturing outside the United States can cost American jobs, not all trade and outsourcing is equal. Mexico’s shared border with the United States mitigates the costs associated with trade and maximizes the benefits. Many goods imported from Mexico are actually coproduced on both sides of the border, creating jobs for American workers. In fact, according to a report from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 40 percent of the value of imports from Mexico was actually created in the United States by American workers — about 10 times the level of value created in the United States for goods imported from China. Coproduction keeps jobs in North America that might otherwise be lost altogether overseas.

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Mexico ranks 9th as source countries for international students in U.S. universities – #MexFacts

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Passengers on Mexican domestic flights have tripled since 1989 – #MexFacts

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