‘There’s no employment’: Central Americans’ economic pain deepens


Source: Al Jazeera

After losing her job in Honduras, Gabriela Alvarado has spent the last six weeks crisscrossing towards the United States border, part of a small but growing movement of Central Americans heading north after the coronavirus ravaged the already poor region.

Alvarado and her husband, Jose, decided their only option was to leave their two children with relatives and try to reach the US, after a fruitless hunt for work at home.


‘Unacceptable’ if Mexicans subjected to medical abuse in U.S. custody, minister says


Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico is interviewing at least six women who may have been subject to improper medical procedures, including hysterectomies, at a U.S. immigration detention center in Georgia, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Tuesday.

If the improper procedures are confirmed, measures would have to be taken, Ebrard said, without giving details. He called the abuse described in a whistleblower’s complaint “unacceptable.”


Mexico asks U.S. for answers about alleged migrant detention abuse


Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico said on Wednesday said it had formally requested a report from U.S. authorities regarding alleged negligent practices in U.S. immigration detention centers, citing accusations of sexual abuse and unauthorized hysterectomies.

The request come after a complaint by a whistleblower nurse alleging that detainees in a Georgia immigration detention facility had improperly received hysterectomies and other gynecological procedures.


Why some say Mexico already built Trump’s wall — and paid for it


10/21/19 – CNN News

By Catherine E. Shoichet and Natalie Gallón

The commander paces in front of a line of troops, preparing them for the day’s mission.
“We are in our country. We are in Mexico. We are enforcing our laws,” he says, his voice getting louder with each point he makes.
“Nobody is going to come here to trample on our laws,” he continues. “Nobody is going come here to trample on our country, on our land.”

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US-Mexico border arrests continued to drop in September


10/07/19 – CNN

By Geneva Sands

Border Patrol arrests on the US-Mexico border continued to drop in September, marking a steady decline since the high earlier this spring when Trump administration officials struggled to stem the flow of migrants attempting to enter the US.

There were nearly 40,000 arrests on the southern border in September, which was the lowest month this fiscal year, according to a source familiar with the data. For comparison, there were nearly 133,000 apprehensions in May.

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As violence increases, more Mexicans are waiting in Ciudad Juárez to apply for asylum


09/13/19 – The Texas Tribune

By Julian Aguilar

Even in a city where authorities are investigating the scattering of body parts all over town, Domingo Beltran Zamora feels safer here than in his native Mexican beach town Acapulco.

And if there is safety in numbers, Beltran and his wife and daughter may have found it on the streets of this border city earlier this week.

The family was just one of dozens that camped just across the street from the Paso Del Norte bridge that connects Ciudad Juárez to El Paso on Wednesday. By Thursday the group had grown to more than 100 people, most of whom sat in the little shade the sidewalk offered as others slept on worn pieces of cardboard.

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Trump’s Tomato Trade-War Deal Averted a Dreaded 2020 Scenario

tomato09/05/19 – Bloomberg

By Eric Martin & Jonathan Levin

Donald Trump has started trade wars across the globe, but his administration tiptoed away from a fight with Mexico over tomatoes. Aspects of the deal it sealed last month have been criticized by U.S. growers. Yet it averts what for Trump could have been a politically uncomfortable scenario of having migrant farmworkers pouring across the border ahead of the 2020 election.

A deal struck on Aug. 20 that is likely to become final in September after a month of public comment is set to scrap a 17.6% provisional tariff imposed in May on Mexican tomato exports to the U.S., which totaled more than $2 billion last year. The move will effectively end a U.S. Commerce Department anti-dumping probe that could have raised the levy to 25% and made it permanent. Mexico is the world’s top exporter of the fruit.

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US Border Patrol arrests continue to drop in August with approximately 51,000 migrants arrested

CBP_Border_Patrol_agent_reads_the_Miranda_rights09/04/19 – CNN

By Geneva Sands

Preliminary data indicates that US Border Patrol arrested around 51,000 people on the US-Mexico border in August, according to a Border Patrol source familiar with the data.

The August numbers show a consistent decline in arrests since the spring and come as the Trump administration has pushed forward numerous controversial policies intended to help stem the flow of migrants arriving at the southern border. An influx of migrant families and children, predominantly from Central America, strained resources along the border as severe overcrowding took hold earlier this summer.

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Mexico says immigration efforts focused on southern border

6/25/19 – AP News


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says Mexico’s tightening of immigration controls has focused “more than anything” on regulating entries at its southern border.

“We have to avoid a confrontation with the government of the United States,” López Obrador said Tuesday.

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Number of Mexican immigrants in the US illegally declines

6/12/19 – Washington Post

By Colleen Long


The number of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. illegally has declined so sharply over the past decade that for the first time, they no longer make up the majority of that category, according to an estimate by the Pew Research Center Wednesday.

But the number of Central Americans in the country illegally is increasing — from 1.5 million in 2007 to 1.9 million in 2017, the study found.

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