Obama Urges Congress to Approve $4 Billion in Funds for Immigration Crisis

July 10, 2014

07/9/14 TIME

????????President Barack Obama called on Congress to swiftly approve nearly $4 billion in supplemental funding to deal with the influx of unaccompanied minors at the Southwest border Wednesday, saying lawmakers need to set aside politics to solve the problem.

“Are we more interested in politics, or are we more interested in solving the problem,” Obama said in statement late in the day after a meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry and local faith leaders in Dallas to deal with the months-long crisis.

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Illegal Immigrants Are Divided Over Importance of Citizenship

November 21, 2013

immigration marchThe New York Times, 11/20/2013

Glendy Martínez is waiting anxiously to see if Congress will ever pass legislation to allow immigrants like her, without papers, to stay in the country legally. But frankly, she says, she does not care if it will include any promise of citizenship.

With the earnings from her job in a Houston hair salon, Ms. Martínez, 30, is supporting one child born in Texas and three others she left behind in her home country, Nicaragua.

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University of California president earmarks $5M to help students living in US illegally

October 31, 2013


The Washington Post, 10/30/2013

University of California President Janet Napolitano said Wednesday she is devoting $5 million to provide special counseling and financial aid for students living in the U.S. illegally, a move aimed at disarming critics who worried she would be hostile to the small but vocal student population.

The former Homeland Security Secretary announced the initiative in her first public address since she became head of the 10-campus university system a month ago — an evening appearance in San Francisco organized by the Commonwealth Club. She also pledged $10 million for recruiting and training graduate students and post-doctoral research fellows.

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Jeb Bush: Legal Residency, Not Citizenship, For Illegal Immigrants

March 5, 2013

Gov_Jeb_BushNPR, 3/5/2013

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the son and brother of presidents, says the United States should overhaul its laws to make immigration easier and to give illegal immigrants a way to legal residence, not citizenship. Bush lays out his plan with co-author Clint Bolick in the new book Immigration Wars. Bush tells NPR’s Steve Inskeep that they propose legalizing undocumented immigrants “after there is a recognition that if people come here illegally, they have to pay a fine or do community service [and] make sure they don’t commit any serious crimes.”

“Over a period of time, they can have a legalized status that allows them to live a life of dignity,” Bush says, “but not necessarily a path to citizenship, so as to not create incentives for future people that aspire to come to our country to do so illegally when they could come legally.”

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Op-ed by Jorge G. Castañeda and Douglas S. Massey: Do-It-Yourself Immigration Reform

June 4, 2012

The New York Times, 6/1/2012
by Jorge G. Castañeda and Douglas S. Massey

In the noisy American debate over immigration reform, something important seems to have escaped notice: time, and common-sense decisions by Mexican migrants, have brought us nearly everything immigration reform was supposed to achieve.

Migration between Mexico and the United States has returned to a healthy circular pattern: large numbers of Mexicans legally cross northward to work, then return south with confidence that they can repeat the journey the next time. The reason: Even as illegal Mexican migration flattened out in recent years, legal Mexican travel north rose.

These migrants have their papers in order. So it’s time to reconsider whether the United States still faces a difficult problem with Mexican immigration.

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Op-ed: Marco Rubio’s Dream Act: A nightmare for immigrants

April 20, 2012

Los Angeles Times, Raul A. Reyes, 4/20/12

In her April 18 Times Op-Ed article, “How Romney could win over Latinos,” Tamar Jacoby urges Mitt Romney to support Sen. Marco Rubio‘s (R-Fla.) immigration bill, which she dubs “Dream 2.0,” saying it would be “good for Romney, good for Republicans, good for many hopeful young immigrants and good for America.” Yet she presents a misleading picture of this proposal, which would present a dead end for undocumented youth and betray the American values of assimilation and equality.

The original federal Dream Act was designed to allow undocumented youth who were brought here as children a path to citizenship, provided they either served in the military or attended college. The new version gives these youth only a non-immigrant visa, and it seems designed to help Republicans soften their image with Latinos.

Dream 2.0, floated by Rubio, seems conveniently timed to Romney’s search for a running mate. It is no accident, by the way, that Romney has suddenly taken an interest in Latinos, after having alienated many with his extreme views on immigration during the primaries.

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Human rights group accuses U.S. of abuses along Mexico border

March 28, 2012

Reuters, 3/28/12

U.S. policing along the Mexico border discriminates against Hispanics and Native Americans and contributes to the deaths of illegal immigrants, according to a study by the human rights group Amnesty International USA.

The report, titled “In Hostile Terrain: Human Rights Violations in Immigration Enforcement in the U.S. Southwest,” identifies what it says are systemic failures of federal, state and local authorities to enforce immigration laws without discrimination.

“Communities living along the U.S.-Mexico border, particularly Latinos, individuals perceived to be of Latino origin and indigenous communities, are disproportionately affected by a range of immigration-control measures, resulting in a pattern of human rights violations,” the study said.

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