A Visceral Portrait of Life at the U.S.-Mexico Border

3/15/16 The Atlantic

fence at borderIn this short documentary, filmmaker Rodrigo Reyes re-works material from his award-winning feature film, Purgatorio, into an ode to the squalid borderland between the United States and Mexico. Beautifully shot and at times difficult to watch, the film confronts viewers with the hardships of the real human beings that exist at the very center of the debate on immigration.

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Mexico, from a society with malnutrition to one with obesity – #MexFacts

MexFact - Obesity

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National Crusade Against Hunger is Branded as “electioneering” (Spanish)


Proceso, 3/6/2013

The head of the Ministry of Social Development  Rosario Robles scuffled with opposition legislators who assured that the National Crusade Against Hunger is just electioneering strategy from the PRI.

In response, Robles promised that the program will not be used to garner votes for the PRI in the upcoming elections.

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Surviving with $15 pesos (Spanish)

Photo by Flickr User Global Tribe
Photo by Flickr User Global Tribe

La Jornada, 2/22/2013

Maria Martinez’s sunken eyes and wrinkled skin make her seem more than 50 years old.  In Mixtec, she explains that she does not remember when she was born;  meanwhile, the nurse revises her records  clarifies the doubt:  Maria is 35 years and the baby she carries in her arms  is her seventh child.

Like her, many families live with 10 or 15 pesos a day (one quarter of the minimum wage)with which they can only afford  pasta, beans and, if revenues improve, chicken or beef every 15 or 30 days. “A chicken costs 80 or 90 pesos, and I can’t afford it,” says Maria.

Even though 300 families receive some aid, malnutrition, remoteness, lack of education, and unemployment keep them in the geography of poverty.

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Food goes to waste despite hunger (Spanish)

Farmers market by Flikr user ianmalcmReforma, 2/11/2013

En México se destruyen alrededor de 4.2 millones de toneladas de comida al año que podrían servir para alimentar a unos 33 millones de personas.

Paradójicamente, la Cruzada Nacional contra  el Hambre, puesta en marcha el mes pasado por el Gobierno federal, tiene como meta sacar del nivel de pobreza alimentaria extrema a 7.4 millones de mexicanos en 400 municipios

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As he takes office, Mexico’s president pledges to expand prosperity-Mexico Institute in the news

Dallas Morning News, 12/03/2012

Enrique Peña Nieto
Enrique Peña Nieto

Enrique Peña Nieto became the president of Mexico on Saturday and outlined an ambitious plan to transform it into a middle-class society by taking on powerful monopolies and unions and reducing poverty, hunger and violence. “We are a nation that grows at two speeds,” Peña Nieto said.

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