Police official in Mexico held in case of politician’s slain son

The Los Angeles Times, 10/8/12

An assistant police chief in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Acuña has been taken into custody by state authorities who suspect he was involved in the slaying of the son of a nationally known and controversial politician.

Prosecutors Monday alleged that the assistant chief, Rodolfo Castillo Montes, tricked the victim, Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, into going to a location where he was picked up by criminals who eventually killed him on Wednesday.

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Son of prominent Mexican politician shot dead

Reuters, 10/4/12

The body of Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of the embattled ex-chairman of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and former Coahuila state governor Humberto Moreira, was discovered near Ciudad Acuna, across the Rio Grande river from Texas, late on Wednesday, the state’s government said on Thursday. He had been reported missing several hours before his body was found…

Military reinforcements were sent into Coahuila to assist investigations into the killing, which hit one of the most prominent political families in the PRI and sparked outrage among party leaders.

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Demands for the USA to reach Moreira [In Spanish]

Reforma, 4/30/2012

Businesses, civil society organizations and politicians have demanded that the money trail be followed until it leads to Humberto Moreira. This demand came after news was released last weekend that Javier Villarreal is being investigated in the United States for money laundering. Villarreal was a main financial operator when Moreira was governor of Coahuila.

Reforma published yesterday that Villarreal is being investigated by the DEA, the Internal Revenue Service and the Texas Attorney General’s Office for having allegedly led a multi-million dollar money laundering network using state resources of Coahuila.

Villarreal served as the main financial operator for Moreira, first as Secretary of Finance and then as Executive Secretary of the Administrative Tributary Service of the state.

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A Call from IFAI to Release Debt Records of Coahuila [In Spanish]

Reforma, 3/12/2012

Mexico’s Federal Institute of Access to Information (IFAI) ordered the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) to release the entirety of the information with any connection to the public debt that the state of Coahuila contracted between 2007 and 2011 under the gubernatorial administration of Humberto Moreira. The CNBV had refused to release this information, arguing that its disclosure was not possible as it pertained to the portfolio of institutions belonging to development banking.

Jacqueline Peschard, president of IFAI, revoked this argument after explaining that the issuing of the debt holds a direct relationship with Banobras and Nacional Financiera, which are both public governing bodies and thus should make the information available to the public.

Adding to the economic problems looming over Coahuila that incumbent governor Rubén Moreira inherited from his brother and previous governor are the declarations from the Office of the Federal Attorney General (PGR) claiming that Los Zetas paid off various state and federal officials during the administration of Humberto Moreira to provide a network of protection for members of this drug cartel.

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Cristina Díaz, interim leader of the PRI after Moreira’s exit (In Spanish)

El Universal, 12/2/11

Humberto Moreira, presidente nacional del PRI, anunció ante sus correligionarios que deja la dirigencia del partido luego de que creciera la polémica en torno a una deuda de más de 34 mil millones de pesos que dejó en el estado de Coahuila cuando fue gobernador.

Moreira se reune con dirigentes estatales del tricolor en la sede nacional del partido, que ya trabaja en el proceso para elegir al nuevo líder priísta. Según los estatutos internos del PRI, el secretario general ocupará de manera interina la responsabilidad. En este momento la que ocupa el cargo es Cristina Díaz.

Se espera que este mediodiía se oficialice la renuncia de Humberto Moreira.

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Peña acknowledges wear down of Moreira

Reforma, 12/1/11

Enrique Peña Nieto reconoció ayer que el dirigente nacional del PRI, Humberto Moreira, ha tenido un desgaste a raíz de los señalamientos en su contra por irregularidades cometidas en Coahuila.

“Me parece, sí. Debo reconocer que le ha generado un desgaste al presidente del partido, que el dirigente ha tenido el apoyo de todo el priismo”, expresó el precandidato presidencial del tricolor en una entrevista radiofónica.

“Evidentemente, no se puede negar ni soslayar el desgaste que le (ha) significado el presidente del partido, los señalamientos por irregularidades cometidas en su Estado donde él gobernó. Evidentemente, tendrá que tomar una decisión, y, bueno, el priismo está a la espera de lo que él defina sobre ese tema”.

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Mexico’s old ruling PRI hits bumps in rebranding

Associated Press, 9/1/11

The leader of Mexico’s long-ruling political dynasty is facing some old-style scandals in his campaign to repair the party’s image and regain the presidency in 2012.

Humberto Moreira, who heads the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, recently helped his party’s candidate pull off a decisive gubernatorial victory in Mexico’s most populous state. Now, just as the PRI under Moreira is fielding the strongest candidate in early polling for the 2012 presidential campaign, federal officials have reported a huge 34 billion peso ($2.8 billion) debt in the state of Coahuila, which Moreira governed until January.

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