Mexico watchdog says migrants overcrowded, no masks or medicine


Source: Reuters

Mexico’s human rights commission (CNDH) has accused migration authorities of keeping nearly 90 people in overcrowded facilities, without providing masks to protect them against COVID-19 or medicines for epilepsy and diabetes.

The CNDH said 88 migrants are being kept under leaky roofs at a detention center designed to house only 30 people, run by the National Migration Institute (INM) in the northern city of Saltillo in Coahuila state. It also said worms had been spotted in the food.


Rights Commission: Mexico’s Indigenous Migrant Workers Risk Enslavement on Farms

12/4/2017 VOA

Mexico must step up efforts to protect vulnerable indigenous migrant workers who are at risk of becoming trapped in forced labor and enslaved in farms, the government’s human rights commission said.

Poverty and a lack of jobs force entire families from rural tribal communities, many coming from the country’s poorest southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, where they risk falling into the hands of traffickers, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) said.

“They end up getting trapped and subject to forced labor on farms where they find themselves under the power of people, who knowing they won’t get punished, keep them under promises of payment in vile and unhealthy conditions,” the CNDH said in a statement released at the weekend.

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Mexican Military Executed at Least 12, Federal Panel Says

10/21/14 New York Times 

crime sceneThe federal Human Rights Commission reported on Tuesday that Mexican soldiers had executed at least 12 people, and probably 15, in late June after a supposed shootout with gang suspects, contradicting official military accounts. The commission’s president, Raúl Plascencia, said the scene of the killings in the small town of Tlatlaya, where 22 people were reported to have died on June 30, had been altered. Bodies had been moved at the rural warehouse, he said, to suggest that everyone was killed in a shootout — the initial explanation from the Defense Department. In fact, the commission found, most of the people had surrendered before they were shot and killed.

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Body of kidnapped online journalist found in northern Mexico with gunshot wound in face

The Washington Post, 8/25/11

Mexican authorities say the body of an online newspaper journalist has been found a day after he was kidnapped.

Sinaloa state assistant prosecutor Martin Robles says the body of 53-year-old Humberto Millan Salazar was found in a farm building outside the city of Culiacan with a gunshot wound in the face.

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission says 71 journalists have been killed and 14 have disappeared since 2000.

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