Without birth documentation in Mexico, illegal immigrants struggle to live normal lives in US

The Washington Post, 07/10/2012

She was born in Mexico and lives in the United States, but Laura Rocio Ordonez does not officially exist in any country.

It’s unclear how many immigrants living illegally in the United States fall into that category, but it’s estimated that one in seven Mexicans lacks proof of birth. The numbers are high enough that Mexican officials recently traveled to New York to try help dozens of immigrants get IDs.

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Editorial: Two Theses About Three Alliances (In Spanish)

Jorge G. Castañeda, Reforma, 1/28/2010

The possible PAN-PRD alliances in the gubernatorial elections in Durango, Oaxaca, Hidalgo and Puebla have awoken all types of passion, indignation, and explications.  First, they are dismissed: whether because some consider them unnatural or perverse, for causing the PRI attack on Calderón’s reform, or because they are a blow to the party system.  Surely the alliances are none of these things, and without doubt the death of Calderón’s reform has more to do with the ambush Beltrones cleverly set for the PAN and Senate government, the customary conservatism of the commentocracy (comentocracia) that since 2000 has preferred the status quo to any change, and the unarticulated and lukewarm defense of the agenda by the government.  But all this is not to say that the alliances lack explanation or reason.

Castañeda goes on to argue that the probable alliance candidates seem more like independent candidates than members of a coalition.  If independent candidates were allowed in Mexico, they would probably run as such.  What unites the PAN, PRD, and the candidates in these states in the common goal of loosening the grip the PRI has maintained on state government in each of these states.

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124 Police Arrested for Drug Links (in Spanish)

drug warEl Pais, 9/15/09

On Monday, Mexican authorities arrested 124 police agents in the center state of Hidalgo for alleged links to Los Zetas, the armed wing of the Gulf cartel.

At approximately 10:00 pm local time, some 400 federal agents placed a roadblock in front of the Municipal Public Security Ministry, where they conducted an inspection of passing vehicles, according to local media reports.

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Mexico’s Independence Day: A Brief History

flag StarrGazrMEXIDATA . INFO, 9/14/09

Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated in the month of September, on the 16th (and the previous night). This is surprising to many Americans, who think Cinco de Mayo (May the 5th) is Mexican Independence Day. Not only is Cinco de Mayo not Independence Day, it’s not even a very important holiday in Mexico. Many Americans are surprised to learn this, but I try to convince them that’s the way it is.

Every nation needs symbols, traditions and celebrations to affirm its identity and pass its traditions to the next generation. That’s why national holidays are important elements of a national identity.

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Mexico to Invest $12 Billion in Refining Capacity


Latin American Herald Tribune, 4/15/2009

State-owned Petroleos Mexicanos will spend more than $12 billion to build one new oil refinery and upgrade an existing facility, Pemex chief Jesus Reyes Heroles said here Tuesday. Mexico’s first new refinery in three decades is to be located in Tula, Hidalgo state, and Pemex expects the plant to be operational by sometime in 2015, Reyes told a press conference in the capital, while the expansion of the facility in Salamanca, Guanajuato, should be complete by the end of 2014.

Between them, the Tula refinery and the refitted Salamanca plant are expected to produce 300,000 bpd of gasoline, but without additional projects, Mexico, a key U.S. supplier of crude, would still have to import 500,000 bpd of fuel.

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