The Mexico-Canada Guest-Worker Program: A Model For The U.S.?

canada mexicoNPR, 1/31/2013

In the U.S., farmers and farm workers alike say the current system to import temporary workers, especially in agriculture, is slow and fraught with abuses.

But the shape of a new guest-worker program is still being hashed out. Some say the U.S. should import temporary workers the same way Canada does. For nearly four decades, the governments of Canada and Mexico have cooperated to fill agriculture jobs that Canadian citizens won’t do, and that Mexicans are clamoring to get.

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Canada-Mexico Guest Worker Program Touted as Model for U.S. to Replicate

migrationFox News Latino, 1/25/2013

As the country’s leaders gear up once again to overhaul the immigration system, a heated debate is expected on the creation of a guest worker program allowing future temporary immigrants to come legally.

Politicians will take up various versions. Some say all they need to do is look north for an ideal model. Canada has had a guest worker program with Mexico since 1974. Though it’s not without critics, it’s generally hailed as well organized and worthy of being replicated.

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