What’s at Stake in Mexico’s Gubernatorial Elections?

5/27/16 AS/COA

votersAs the June 5 date nears for Mexico’s gubernatorial elections, campaigns are getting so ugly, they’re making U.S. elections seem civil by comparison. President Enrique Peña Nieto lamented that all political parties are stooping to “very dirty” campaigning.

Here’s a preview of what’s at stake and why these elections are important ahead of the 2018 presidential race.


What’s up for grabs on June 5?

Twelve of Mexico’s 32 states will pick new governors and elect officials to local seats. Baja California will also hold local elections and Mexico City will have a special vote to select 60 members of its constitutional assembly. All in all, 1,425 seats are up for election.

Seventy-eight registered candidates are competing for the 12 gubernatorial spots. The cost of their campaigns, taken together, is estimated to be as much as $187 million. Governors serve six-year terms and cannot seek reelection.

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GOP governors talk immigration reform

REPUBLICAN PARTY ELEPHANTThe Republic, AZCentral, 11/25/2013

Republican governors who gathered in Phoenix last week for their annual conference did their best to distance themselves from their congressional GOP counterparts and Capitol Hill political dysfunction.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cited immigration reform as an example of Washington’s failure to deal with major issues.

Speaking Thursday at a news conference at the Republican Governors Association meeting at the Phoenician resort, Christie said the broken U.S. immigration system “has an effect on the people of our states, on the economies of our states” and needs a solution.

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Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval thrive where party struggles

voting - ballot box 1Politico, 7/28/2013

Of all the obstacles standing between the Republican Party and the White House, preventing heavily Latino, trending-blue Western states from settling comfortably into the Democratic column is high on the list. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval are two Republican politicians winning in precisely those kinds of places — and GOP officials who’ve been watching them say the party would be wise to pay attention.

The first-term governors have managed to strike the balance that party brass say is critical to the party’s future: staying true to the core message of smaller government and lower taxes without alienating Latinos and women on social issues. Though Martinez and Sandoval have been mentioned as potential national candidates, they have largely shunned the national spotlight, zeroing in on home-state issues and building political profiles distinct from the tarnished GOP brand.

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PAN Candidates Are Even on the Rice (in Spanish)

Reforma, 1/27/2010

Campaign season is no yet upon us, and the names of potential candidates for the governorship have already reached even food products that are then advertised.

For at least the last 20 days posters have been seen throughout the state of Veracruz with the last names of the PAN senators Córdoba, Gerardo Buganza and Juan Bueno Torio, who are expected to seek election to head the state government.

Their names have appeared on products ranging from coffee–“The authentic coffee of Veracruz. Buganza”–to rice, sugar and beans.

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Border Governors Ask U.S. to Divert Money to Their Fight Against Organized Crime

Us-mexico-border mapThe Dallas Morning News, 9/08/09

MONTERREY, Mexico – Governors from northern Mexico are asking the U.S. government to help provide training and equipment for their beleaguered and often corrupt state and municipal authorities, a move that could intensify the U.S. role in Mexico’s uphill battle against organized crime.

During the 27th annual border governors’ meeting, which concluded Friday in Monterrey, the governors of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Chihuahua and Coahuila – the four states bordering Texas – pressed the U.S. delegations to support the diversion of funds from the Mérida Initiative to state and local governments.

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