California governor, a frequent Trump critic, agrees to limited National Guard role at Mexico border

04/11/2018 The Washington Post

8028178642_f2dacd4af6_b.jpgCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown (D), the only border state governor who had not yet committed troops to President Trump’s National Guard deployment, said Wednesday that he will accept federal funding for 400 personnel — though they would be barred from working on wall construction.

National Guard troops fall under the command of state governors, and in a letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Brown said those from California will support operations against drug traffickers, gun runners and smuggling gangs.

“Combating these criminal threats are priorities for all Americans — Republicans and Democrats,” Brown wrote.

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The Latest: Sessions will talk immigration in New Mexico

04/09/2018 The Washington Post

jeff sessions
Source: Ryan J. Reilly/Flickr

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to visit southern New Mexico and speak at a conference for sheriffs in border states.

Sessions will travel to Las Cruces on Wednesday and deliver remarks on immigration enforcement at an annual meeting organized by the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition and the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition.

Sessions’ visit comes after President Donald Trump said last week he wants to send 2,000 to 4,000 National Guard members to the border.

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President Trump wants to deploy military forces to protect US border with Mexico

04/03/2018 CNBC

Gen_James_N._Mattis.jpgPresident Donald Trump said he plans to deploy U.S. military forces to protect the nation’s southern border with Mexico while the border wall is being constructed.

“Until we can have a wall and proper security we’re going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step,” Trump said Tuesday at the White House.

“We are going to be doing things militarily,” Trump added, saying that he discussed the idea with Defense Secretary James Mattis.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Dem leaders pull back from hard-line immigration demand

03/19/2018 The Hill

Democrat DonkeyDemocratic leaders are backing off of their demand that “Dreamer” protections be a part of the 2018 budget negotiations.

While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democratic leaders had hinged their support for last month’s budget caps deal on a commitment from Republicans to consider legislation salvaging the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, they’ve signaled they won’t hold a similar line heading into next week’s expected vote on an omnibus spending bill.

The apparent change in strategy has angered immigrant rights advocates in and out of Congress, who want the minority Democrats to use their rare leverage on the omnibus government funding package — among the last must-pass bills of the year — to secure protections for the hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who came to the country illegally as children.

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Why Mexican elections officials are working hard to get out the vote — in Dallas

03/15/2018 Dallas News

voting - ballot box 1Mexican election officials are working hard to get out the vote — in Dallas.

Not for the first time this year, they’ll be in North Texas this weekend to register Mexican citizens for that country’s July 1 presidential elections.

The stakes are high for the presidential candidates. Recent changes of laws about how you can vote absentee means there are already about 612,000 Mexicans living abroad who have registered to vote.

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Human rights groups say Mexico not investigating spyware claims

02/21/2018 Reuters

pexels-photo-534204.jpegA group of human and digital rights activists said on Tuesday that the Mexican government had failed to properly investigate allegations their smartphones were infected with spying software. They have asked for an independent investigation.

Activists, human-rights lawyers and journalists filed a complaint in June with the attorney general’s office, claiming the government had infected their phones to spy on them with software known as Pegasus, which Israeli company NSO Group allegedly sold to Mexico’s government.

“Since filing the complaint we said we did not trust the attorney general’s office would be able to investigate itself, since there is evidence it was that agency that purchased the malware,” the activist groups said in a joint statement.

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Mexico’s Presidential Front-Runner Stirs Firestorm With Ex-Fugitive Senate Pick

02/20/2018 Bloomberg

Mexico City

Mexico’s leftist presidential front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stirred up a hornets’ nest of social media outrage by listing a one-time fugitive union leader as a possible Senate pick ahead of July’s general election.

The Twitter storm began over the weekend when Lopez Obrador’s Morena party placed Napoleon Gomez Urrutia among those who would become senators through proportional representation, meaning he’d win through voter support for Morena and not direct election. Gomez Urrutia has been living in Canada since at least 2008, when Mexico requested an extradition order for him to face charges of bilking $55 million in union funds.