Organic Coffee Threatened by Global Warming-Stoked Fungus

September 15, 2014

09/13/14 Bloomberg

Migrant California vineyardGlobal warming has been a friend to the fungus, enabling it to thrive in elevations that used to be inhospitable. The worst worldwide outbreak in 30 years has meant diminished yields, lower income and laid-off workers from Peru to Mexico. Organic growers face additional loss as they look for ways to save their livelihoods while at the same time avoiding chemical solutions.

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Mexico’s storms: Should governments put emphasis on climate change prevention?

September 26, 2013

hurricaneThe Christian Science Monitor, 9/24/2013

A week after twin storms pounded Mexico’s Pacific and Gulf coasts, questions are swirling as to how the floods, landslides and overall devastation from the rains could have been prevented.

Many point to the need for better advance planning: flood prevention, building code enforcement, and political capital to plan for the long term, among other measures that may have helped curb the damage and minimize the still-climbing death toll.

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In focus: Mexico’s climate change laws

February 5, 2013

environment -climate change - droughtRTCC, 2/4/2013

For the first time climate policymakers have a clear idea of how countries around the world are attempting to control their greenhouse gas emissions. We have selected the highlights from Globe’s analysis of Mexico’s  attempts to address climate change. Visit the Globe International website to download a full report and access data from the other countries featured.

Mexico was the standout country in 2012 on climate change. It passed a comprehensive climate change law – The General Law on Climate Change – with the support of all major political parties, a real achievement in a usually partisan Congress. In parallel, Congress approved legislation to prepare for the implementation of so-called REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). This progressive stance is indicative of Mexico’s positive approach to tackling climate change.

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Mexico and climate change: What’s hot, green and Mexican?

April 16, 2009

The Economist, 4/16/2009

413px-felipe_calderonASK anyone who has read a newspaper in the past few months what is the greatest threat faced by Mexico, and the answer will inevitably be the drug gangs whose violence resulted in over 6,000 deaths last year and is the main reason Barack Obama came to visit this week. Yet even though Felipe Calderón, the country’s president, has staked his job on his crackdown against the traffickers, he has a different answer to this question: global warming. “Climate change is the most important challenge that human beings are facing in this century,” he said on a recent visit to London.

That might seem odd coming from the conservative leader of an oil-exporting developing country. But Mr Calderón has chosen to make the fight to reduce carbon emissions one of the hallmarks of his presidency, at least rhetorically.

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